ZZ top guitarist said that the band will continue the blessing of late bassist

Despite the death of the bassist this week, ZZ Top may perform again soon Dusty hillsA friend of founding guitarist and singer Billy Gibbons said the musician told him on Wednesday that the band will continue to exist.

Eddie Trunk, the radio celebrity who hosts the show on SiriusXM, said Mr. Gibbons discussed the future of ZZ Top in a series of text messages, which were then posted on social media with his permission.

“As dusty Say his Leave,’Let the show continue! ‘” Mr. Gibbons was in one of them information Share on the social media service Twitter, adding that the band will “go beyond this and respect his wishes.”

The Washington Times contacted ZZ Top’s long-time publicist Robert Melis (Robert Melis) to confirm the authenticity of these text messages. He added that the band plans to go back on the road, but can’t say how long.

ZZ Top announced on Wednesday, HillThis bassist who worked in the band for more than 50 years died of his Sleep on his At home in Houston, he was 72 years old. The cause of death is unclear.

Said Mr. Gibbons, 71. Hill According to one of the messages shared on social media, “I emphatically grabbed my arm and said,’Give the bottom end to Elwood, take it to the top’.”

Elwood Francis (Elwood Francis) is ZZ Top’s long-term guitar technologist, who succeeded him. Hill In the band’s last three concerts this month, the bassist his The band members described it as a “hip problem.”

his Annoying buttocks he so he Leaving back to Texas,” Mr. Gibbons said on stage at a performance in Corbin, Kentucky on Sunday.

Mr. Gibbons established ZZ Top in 1969. By the following year, the organization was composed of him and Mr. Hill And drummer Frank Beard. This lineup has toured and recorded together for more than five years.

Indeed, ZZ Top started its 50th anniversary tour in 2019 before the coronavirus pandemic, and Mr. Dang. Hill It was replaced by the band’s guitar technique on stage.

ZZ Top has recorded 15 studio albums, including popular records such as “La Grange” released in 1973, “Cheap Sunglasses” released in 1980, and “Sharp Dressed Man” released in 1983.

Besides playing bass for ZZ Top for half a century, Hill He also served as the lead singer in the band’s highest single “Legs” released in 1984. It ranks eighth on the Billboard Top 100 Singles chart.

ZZ Top was originally scheduled to perform on Wednesday, but the concert was cancelled. The band is scheduled to perform in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Friday, but it is not clear when the tour will resume.

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