Zignaly’s DAO Expands Web3 Investment Opportunities to Further Empower Investors

ZignaliAs a pioneer in social investing and an advocate of blockchain composability, it is constantly working to further refine its platform.

New and innovative features are regularly added to the program, giving all investors, regardless of skill level, equal access to expertly managed passive investing tools and capabilities.

Last month, the project announced the development of its comprehensive digital asset bridge, aptly labeled “bridge“This makes the transaction and transfer of digital assets from one chain to another as simple as possible.

This month, the project continued its efforts to level the playing field for retail investors by taking its platform further into the DeFi space with the launch of the ZIG DAO. The project’s latest effort will unleash the power of its platform and community, expanding the Web3 investment options available on its platform.

The Web3 investment options integrated into the DAO are digital asset investments that are not bound by centralized exchanges, NFTs, Metaverse real estate, DeFi staking and LPs, and almost any other available investment that can be offered.

Expand the range of investors

The project’s latest offering, ZIG DAO, allows the company to expand its offerings and provide a community-led decentralized platform that will power the future of Web3 investments. The DAO will develop around the project community and open up access to more investment opportunities to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their investment goals.

Bartolome R. Bordallo, CEO of Zignaly, elaborated on the value that DAOs will add: “We have spent five years providing expert-managed social investment tools that help every user achieve their crypto investment goals, and now is the time to decentralize With the launch of the ZIG DAO, we expand our mission by introducing a truly decentralized organization that puts power in the hands of the community. This enables the community to harness the power of Zignaly while eliminating exchange or Zignaly interference or any chance of control.”

The newly integrated DeFi capabilities will enable new social value exchanges between users, groups and organizations. Here are a few examples of how these functions can be implemented:

own hedge fund – If you or your friends are more experienced in investing than others, you can co-create a hedge fund to share the profits.

Decentralized Market – Access to a decentralized marketplace of an array of expert traders, fund managers and digital asset investors with transparent reputation statistics and records, collaborating in a passive investing model where both parties are incentivized and share profits.

Digital Assets & Web3 Investment Consulting – Seasoned investors can provide their advice to the Zignaly community without having to market their services or create their own solutions to manage who belongs to accounting.

About Zignaly

Zignaly has become the world’s largest expertly managed social investing platform, assisting the operations of over 430,000 users. Thanks to the proven and vetted professional managers on the platform, digital asset investors have all the tools they need to earn great returns without taking such a large risk.

The platform now houses many of the top investors in the space. Expert investors can share their experiences and strategies through the platform to help guide the community, and users of the platform can invest in the actions of these expert traders, allowing them to benefit from the profit sharing model. The model connects regular digital asset investors with the world’s most successful, proven professional traders and fund managers to create a mutually beneficial profit-sharing model.

Talking about the platform’s main goals, Bordallo shared: “Our mission at Zignaly has always been more than just expanding access to alternative assets – it’s about the passive income revolution for everyday investors. Zignaly isn’t about frustrating every transaction , nor consult so-called ‘crypto influencers’ to help read the tea leaves, but to allow everyone to profit from the investment moves of experts with a history of transparent performance.”

However, Zignaly’s offering goes far beyond this model. Some of the platform’s offerings include pledged vaults, participation in IDOs via ZIGPad, NFT sweepstakes, and the revolutionary new Bridge solution they are currently developing. These products are designed to open doors for investors seeking comprehensive portfolio management services to ensure that everyone, regardless of background, has access to expertly managed passive investing tools and capabilities.

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