Zach Wilson of the Jets rusted as expected during the first training camp practice

Froham Park (AP), Florida – Zach Wilson Back off his First pass his The first practice and relaxation of the training camp.

Elijah Moore caught a beautiful rainbow-like toss in the report, and the 40-yard game had New York Jet‘Offended. It turns out that this is the understandably rusty rookie quarterback’s best moment of the day.

Wilson missed the first two training camps while waiting for training his The contract issue was resolved, and then he tried to keep up quickly on the court on Friday.

“I won’t say I’m behind,” Wilson said. “This is my first live ammunition again, do you know? It’s just going back to the mix. I know the drama, I know my mission. I have to execute it.”

The No. 1 pick signed a four-year contract worth 35.15 million U.S. dollars on Thursday, ending his Short persistence afterwards jet and Wilson‘S agent reached a deal after bargaining on some terms. he Take a red-eye flight from California on Wednesday night, where he Is working out with personal trainer John Baker and arrived at the facility on Thursday to sign the agreement.

Wilson Keeping in touch with offensive coordinator Mike Clafler when he left, the quarterback tried to keep up with the script and the installation of the script.

“You can only do so many things on the iPad, right?” Wilson said. “This is not a simulation of a real game. So, it’s in my mind. I have studied it and now it’s like, how can I translate it to the field? … Now it’s just applying it here .”

After the first throw, Wilson conducted team training for the second time. he Called “not the biggest ball”, he Mainly struggling.

he In the 11 vs. 11 match, 5 of the 10 games were intercepted by Marcus Maye and the receiver was not nearby. After Mike White and James Morgan separated the offense of the first team in the first two days, Wilson took them all Friday, along with a few others on the offense of the second team.

“for he, It’s being caught up and finding a way to get better every day,” Saleh said. “I know that sometimes we can focus on results, but there is a process. He has a huge process. You cannot control certain things that happen, but you can control your process and the way you handle things day in and day out.

“He will have the right process and he will get better.”

No, there is no panic.

Not after a practice session; he hasn’t resisted defense in six weeks.Wilson’s timing is a bit wrong, so his Throw. he I don’t want this situation to last longer.

“This is the purpose of the practice,” Wilson said. “Every day there will be frustrating things. That’s why I am here. I just study hard every day, just to understand my better performance and the different expressions that are thrown at us on the defensive end. This will be a process. “

Since there is no veteran quarterback on the roster, neither White nor Morgan passed the ball in the regular season NFL games. jet On September 13th went to Carolina to face the Panthers-and their former QB Sam Darnold.

Despite this, and Wilson is already the new face of the team, Saleh has not yet planned to announce anything.

“Call it the inner lane,” Saleh told the media. “I mean, it was him who lost to him, but I never wanted to make a promise that I couldn’t fulfill. I hope you understand that part. But as you see, he assumed all the representatives of the first team. So it’s just him. The problem of continuing to get better, as we know he will and will improve in the way we expect.”

Wilson After the practice, I spent extra time talking with LaFleur and quarterback coach Rob Calabrese, they will all become the key to the development of young QB. However, Greg Knapp’s loss will be difficult to overcome because the passing expert died last Thursday after being injured by a car while riding a bicycle near his home in California on July 17.

“At first, I was shocked because I just spoke to him the day before the incident,” Wilson said. “It’s almost as if I don’t believe it. I think I can call he Just then and he Would have picked up the phone to answer. “

What will Wilson seek to learn from he Learning from Knapp and constantly devouring the script, his struggle on the first day quickly became a distant memory.

“He has great confidence,” Saleh said. “He walked into the crowd and didn’t stutter. He was on the phone. He reached the melee line and he made people line up. So he has that kind of leadership and presence. And it will only get better.”

Oh, after completing his transaction, is there any big dream purchase plan?

“You can’t buy the Super Bowl, so I think I have to work hard for it,” Wilson Said with a big smile. “We will get one of them. We will try to work for one of them.”

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