Yukai Engineering’s cute stuffed animal robot will bite your finger

Will not At least few alternative robots appeared. Yukai Engineering, manufacturer , Has shown a soft robot that can nibble on the user’s fingertips. The company hopes that “a little pleasant feeling” will brighten your day.

There is an algorithm called “Hamgorithm” that can choose one of two biting modes, so when you put your finger into the robot’s mouth, you can never be sure of how you feel. Yukai designed patterns—including tasting ham, massage ham, and suction ham—to replicate the sensation of a baby or pet gnawing on their fingers.

Youkai Co., Ltd.

“Amagami” means “soft bite” in Japanese, and “ham” means “bite” in Japanese. Yukai designed the appearance of the robot based on the characters in the Nemu Nemu stuffed animal series of Liv Heart Corporation. There will be several finger chewing models to choose from: Yuzu (Calico Cat) and Kotaro (Shiba Inu).

“Most people like the sensation of biting, but know that they need to teach their children or pets to stop it, because otherwise the children and animals will end up biting them with all their strength,” said Tsubasa Tominaga, chief marketing officer of Yukai Engineering, who was earlier on the hacker The robot was invented in the marathon this year. “Amagami Ham Ham is a robot that frees human beings from the forbidden problem of’pursuing or not pursuing’ happiness.”

Pricing has not yet been determined, but Yukai and Liv Heart plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign in the spring. At the same time, those brave CES can check out Amagami Ham Ham at the show, and may leave Yukai’s booth with slightly softer fingers.

Other devices Yukai will show at CES include Bocco Emo.The company has updated the original version Brocade Robot Act as a smart medical device. Yukai said that Japanese hospitals are using it to monitor the vital signs of patients (through connected sensors such as pulse oximeters and thermometers) and notify nurses of the patient’s condition.

During the pilot, Bocco Emo was used to inform patients’ families about their situation. It can also use sound effects, facial expressions and gestures to communicate with patients while waiting for the nurse to arrive.

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