Yuanjie opens its doors to some NFT real estate

Many people will convince others that NFTs are nothing more than tradable JPEGs, but this is far from the truth.

NFT: Completely change ownership

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token-“Non-Fungible” means the only sign of ownership, and “Token” means the encrypted record in the blockchain. All in all, NFT is a unique ownership record stored in the blockchain.

Since NFTs stand for ownership, their potential applications are only limited by human imagination. NFT has been used for sales music, hero In blockchain games, and Digital land From a metaverse project, such as The Sandbox.

In addition, the latest developments in blockchain technology enable investors to use NFTs to purchase physical assets. This is achieved through tokenization, which is the process of encoding the ownership of physical assets into the blockchain. This has many implications for the investment community, the most influential of which is tokenized real estate.

Pioneering Yuanjie Real Estate

NFT is supported by smart contracts, which are some software that executes digital agreements. Smart contracts make the ownership management through NFT very efficient by processing royalties, payment distribution and legal ownership transfers.

When applied to real estate, smart contracts replace intermediaries, such as buyer and seller agents, custodians, banks, and title companies. This makes it possible for NFT to make real estate acquisitions seamless and simple, shorten the investment process from months to seconds, and save all parties from hassle and trouble.

future, A platform that aims to simplify real estate investment, is taking advantage of this opportunity. Futurent allows investors to use segmented NFTs to purchase real estate-the NFT is divided into several parts, each of which represents partial ownership of the real estate.

By splitting ownership among multiple investors, Futurent reduces the amount of capital normally required to enter real estate. With Futurent, investors can also share the income from the rental property and get passive income immediately.

Futurent is composed of a Fully humane team, Has a global membership base, and prioritizes acquiring real estate in cryptocurrency-friendly locations, such as Dubai, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. After Futurent launched IDO in January 2022, in addition to Futurent’s native FUTR token, investors can also use top cryptocurrencies such as ETH to purchase.

The Futurent team is working hard to secure several large partnerships, which will be disclosed soon. These partnerships include secure DeFi agreements for investor privacy, financial and lending platforms for optimizing investment potential, blockchain insurance providers for investor security, and gaming partnerships for digital land sales.

in conclusion

Through cryptocurrency, NFT and blockchain, the digital and physical worlds are merging into the meta universe. Futurent is a pioneer in some NFT real estate, allowing investors to easily enter the field.

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