YRF50 Celebrations to start with its most special film Jayeshbhai Jordaar

The news of Yash Raj Films and the celebration of its 50 glorious years in cinema has been abuzz for quite a while. Reports suggest that Aditya Chopra is all set to start the celebration with aplomb with his most special film Jayeshbhai Jordaar which stars Ranveer Singh in the lead.

This film has a debut director on the seat – Divyang Thakkar and will be produced by Maneesh Sharma. Top sources revealed, “Adi wants to celebrate 50 years of YRF in a big way because he has the biggest slate of films in the industry. Jayeshbhai Jordaar, Prithviraj, Shamshera, Pathaan, Tiger and two more unannounced films make for YRF50 slate and plans are being made to celebrate each of these films and the company’s golden milestone in the most unique and innovative manner. The celebrations will get underway with Jayeshbhai Jordaar , a film that Adi, Maneesh, Ranveer and the entire team at YRF feel is a very special film that will touch everyone’s heart and bring back the community watching experience of cinema!”

Furthermore, the source continued, “YRF was clear that if the festivities have to restart, it needs to begin with a project that will get universal love. They are confident that Ranveer Singh in and as the unlikely hero Jayeshbhai Jordaar, will steal people’s hearts and they want this euphoria to kickstart the YRF50 activities. So, all the fanfare will start from this juncture and YRF will unveil various plans that will see the fans get to interact with their favourite superstars in ways that they haven’t done before all year round.”

Aditya Chopra Ranveer Singh

The source concluded by adding, “Jayeshbhai Jordaar’s marketing campaign will see Ranveer change the star-fan dynamics as he will give people, who adore him dearly, access like never before. Post pandemic, YRF wants to reach out and bring people closer to their favourite superstars and that’s what YRF50 celebrations will be all about! It will be hugely exciting to see the top stars of our country reaching out and pulling people back to the theatres post pandemic that had halted how the fan-star relationship was always considered proximate. The strategy is to make people celebrate and enjoy Hindi cinema and the superstars again and YRF50 celebrations will deliver that promise in spades.”

The film is slated to release on May 13, 2022.

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