YouTuber CryptoWendyO shares how her healthcare skills help crypto trading

CryptoWendyO has heard of Bitcoin (bitcoin) on the radio and decided to take the plunge. Little did she know that the risks she took would change her life in ways she never imagined. The influencer shares her Bitcoin journey in this issue of Crypto Stories.

When she was young, life wasn’t kind to Wendy. According to the cryptocurrency influencer, she has survived many challenges, including mental health issues, the death of her father when she was 11, and growing up in poverty. For a long time, she thought she would never be able to change her life.

However, things change when Wendy realizes that the world around her doesn’t care about her and the only way out is to change her life herself. Then, she came across Bitcoin. She explained:

“I kept hearing about Bitcoin on the radio. So, I decided to go ahead and take a risk and invest, a little bit. It’s a really cool thing because I never thought in a million years I’d be smart enough to Teach yourself to do anything.”

She also shared that her work experience in healthcare has helped Her success in crypto tradingAccording to Wendy, her health care work forced her to learn to calculate doses and communicate with many different people. She was able to apply these skills to crypto trading.

Wendy believes these experiences have helped her become a “decent trader” and an online content creator.With these, she was able to create a community of like-minded people who were interested in going through the same life-changing journey she was going through

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She continues to encourage people to take more risks and believe in themselves. “One of the things I’ve realized is that rich people, or successful entrepreneurs, they’re going to take their chances,” she said.