YouTube will allow users to give each other paid subscriptions

Starting tomorrow, YouTube will allow fans and creators to give away premium channel subscriptions.A number of influential anchors With today’s announcement, many were ecstatic to see a new tool. Talented subscribers have been a popular feature on Twitch (YouTube Gaming’s main competitor) for some time now.Many streamers see subscriptions as an easy way to generate revenue, while also . But YouTube has been delaying the release of the much-anticipated feature. Finally, YouTube Japan tested the waters of membership for some select channels earlier this year. Gifted membership (still in beta) is now available to all YouTube Gaming users in the US and UK.

Fans typically pay $4.99 per month , allowing them to access user badges, emotes, and other exclusive content from their favorite creators. YouTube Gaming publishes many other Twitch-like features This year, such as which allows streamers to send fans to other streams or premieres.

While Twitch is still America’s largest platform For live broadcast, many of its well-known anchors have In recent years, YouTube Gaming. There may be more to follow. Bloomberg It was reported last month that Twitch partners will receive In the new monetization model of the Amazon-owned platform, from subscriptions (from 70% to 50%). YouTube Gaming just needs Income from streaming subscription channels. While YouTube Gaming doesn’t have the massive audience of Twitch, that could easily change if more popular Twitch creators head to greener pastures.

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