YouTube Shorts adds watermarks when sharing videos

YouTube is looking to get credit for the videos you create on its platform.

YouTube is looking to get credit for the videos you create on its platform.
picture: Patrick Semanski (Associated Press)

If you are considering downloading your YouTube shorts and post them on another platform and YouTube is ready Credit. Video sharing platform announces new features for short film creators, including adding watermarks, coming soon stamp short video Share elsewhere.

“If you’re a creator who downloaded short clips from YouTube Studio to share on other platforms, you’ll now find a watermark added to your download,” YouTube Announce this week. “We’ve added a watermark to your downloaded clips so your viewers can see what you’re sharing across platforms is available on YouTube clips.” According to YouTube, the watermark will be rolling out to desktop in the next few weeks, Then expand to mobile over the next few months.

YouTube isn’t the only platform trying to get credit when video creators use its site. Tik Tok The video is also marked with a small logo, along with the username of the creator of the video, when Clips are cross-posted, while Instagram scroll Minimalist version of famous camera logo with username. Instagram emphasizes encouraging its users to use the scroll feature to create short videos instead of reposting TikTok videos, warns It will not promote reels with another platform watermark.

YouTube Shorts first launched in India in 2020 before the platform launched new function within the globe July 2021 As a way to take advantage of the growing popularity of the TikTok format. YouTube Shorts Score High 1.5 billion viewers per month, mainly due to the popularity of video sharing sites that have been established.Meanwhile, TikTok saw about 1 billion monthly users.

a lot of TikTok success is thanks in large part to Covid-19 blockade, more and more people are turning to the app to pass the time.SecondBut now, the platform has moved beyond that stage and continues to grow in numbers, even inspiring imitator follow suit.

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