Your first Fisher-Price phone can now use Bluetooth

I hate answering telephone. If you tried to call me a few months ago, I might not answer unless you text me in advance. (What are you, some kind of serial killer? ) But I am more inclined to pick it up now. Fisher-Price’s first plastic phone reminded me of that distant era, when I liked and looked forward to long phone conversations instead of fearing them.

It’s great to be born in the 90s. I remember a while before technology became completely ubiquitous. I played in the room with a box full of Barbie and Bratz dolls. When I went to bed, I just fell asleep instead of endlessly browsing social media. My first phone was a small Tracfone, which could only send a small amount of text before it was used up for a few minutes. This is for an emergency, not for permanent sticking to my hand.

I’m not saying that I will throw away all my equipment, but these times make me yearn for some sweet childhood memories.enter Fisher Chat Phone.

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Sweet dreams are born from this

Yes yes That Talking phone calls. It looks and feels exactly like the toys I had when I was a kid. Its shiny plastic shell is equipped with a working rotating dial and eyes that move with the wheels.As the advertisement says, our first “mobile” phone is now real cell phone.

Opening it, a voice said: “Hello!” But I don’t just pretend, I can actually use it to make calls. I have an old rotary phone, and sometimes I turn the dial just to meet tactile needs. But being able to use a real rotary dial to call someone—without paying a separate landline fee—was not possible before me.

When I was in high school, people started using iPhones, Retro style mobile phone Earphones plugged into the earphone jack of mobile phones were once popular. This Fisher-Price phone brings this concept into this era. (Most mobile phones no longer have a headphone jack, remember?) It can be instantly connected to any modern mobile phone with Bluetooth functionality, so there is no need to worry about any wires except for the charger. You should drain the battery for approximately 9 hours before you need to plug it in.

The call sound is very clear, and the dial can also work seamlessly. I want the cable to connect the handset to the body a bit longer, but it is light and portable, and you can bring the whole thing close to you while chatting. If you need to move around a lot, you can put it on the speakerphone and it still sounds great.

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