“You see… keep going,”-Shamita Shetty shared a touching post

The Internet is full of news about businessman Raj Kundra being arrested for making and distributing pornographic movies on the app. Kundera is currently being detained by the Mumbai police, and his request for bail has been rejected by the Mumbai High Court.

Regarding his name, there are also many stories about the actor and his wife Shilpa Shetty and her sister Shamita Shetty. Although Shilpa remained silent on the matter, she did ask the audience to watch her new movie “Hungama 2”, thanking all the actors and staff for their hard work.


Today, Shamita Shetty shared a post about selfies on social media. She wrote: “Sometimes, your inner power is not a huge flame that everyone can see… It’s just a tiny spark, whispering softly… “You got it This… keep going”. You have no control over how other people receive your energy. Anything you say or do will be filtered out by the lens of any personal problems they are experiencing at the time… this is with you Nothing. Continue to do your thing with as much integrity and love as possible.”

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