Yoshihide Suga withdrew from party voting, paving the way for new Japanese leaders

Tokyo (Associated Press)-Amid growing criticism of his handling of the pandemic, the prime minister Suga Yoshihide Friday said he There will be no running for the leadership of the ruling party later this month, which paved the way for a new Japanese leader who took office only a year later.

Suck Told reporters, head JapanPandemic response and campaign leadership his The ruling Liberal Democratic Party split his energy. “I decided not to participate in the party leader election because I want to focus on measures to deal with the coronavirus,” Suck Tell the reporter who came his Office after the news came out.

Suck Faced with criticism and public support for the slow and limited response to the coronavirus and for hosting the Olympic Games regardless of public health issues. his Hope the Olympic celebrations can help turn things around his Popularity also plummeted.

he Said he Already put all his Focus on important issues including the virus response he Took office.

“But both require a lot of energy, and I decided to choose only one of them.” he Said. “As I have said many times, protecting the lives and health of the people is my responsibility as the prime minister, and this is what I will be committed to.”

The Liberal Democrats have a majority in Parliament, which means that whoever wins the party vote on September 29 is almost guaranteed to become the new prime minister.

The party’s election campaign officially began on September 17. Candidates need the support of factions, mainly controlled by heavyweights in the party, and their choices may not match the choices supported in the polls.

Two cabinet ministers in the government of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe are now potential candidates: the moderate former foreign minister Fumio Kishida, currently regarded as the number one contender, and the former Minister of the Interior Sanae Takaichi who has the same right-wing ideology as Abe. According to reports, the Minister of Vaccination Taro Kono also intends to run for the election.

Kishida criticized SuckTo deal with the pandemic, a series of viral measures have recently been proposed, including increasing funding, ensuring more hospital beds, and establishing a health crisis management agency to centralize pandemic measures.

Kono, 58, is the son of the longest-serving Speaker of the House of Commons and the grandson of the former Deputy Prime Minister. He is a political blue-blooded man who served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense. He often communicates on social media and is very popular among young voters.

SuckThe decision is largely seen as a political move, so the party can have a new leader before the national election later this year. The term of the House of Commons ends in late October, and elections must be held in late November.

Suck After Abe resigned due to health problems, he took office in mid-September a year ago to fill the remaining three-year term of Abe.

The son of a strawberry farmer JapanNorthern Akita Prefecture, Suck Early support rate is as high as 70% his Tenure because he He is seen as a civilian leader, not a blue-blooded political family like Abe.

Suck A series of pragmatic measures such as economic digital transformation and administrative reforms have been introduced, but his Approval rate drops rapidly his Coronavirus measures are JapanThe number of outbreaks has increased.

his The downfall began at the end of last year when he As the pandemic worsened, travel promotions failed. he In January, he was forced to declare a state of emergency. Since then, emergency measures have been expanded and extended many times, the most recent being extended to September 12. In the latest media survey, his The approval rate has dropped to around 26%.

Emergencies are mainly focused on requirements for restaurants to close early and not to serve alcoholic beverages, while requirements for people to stay at home and maintain social distancing have been largely ignored.

Suck They are criticized for being too optimistic about the pandemic and failing to convey a convincing message to people to instill a sense of crisis. his While the vaccination campaign is facing delays, the policy of relying on vaccines also puts people at risk.

Despite the speed of new cases Tokyo It has slowed down, but experts say that it can make a comeback at any time. The medical system is under tremendous pressure, hospitals are crowded with severe cases, and tens of thousands of patients are recovering at home.

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