Xi Jinping remembers his father’s language and is responsible for the country

Beijing, June 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — For President Xi Jinping, the words and deeds of his father Xi Zhongxun (1913-2002) are great heirlooms of his outlook on life, work and philosophy, prompting him to solemnly perform his duties to the country. country and people.

Over the years, Xi Zhongxun has taught his son many important lessons in life, work, and governance by his words and deeds, especially to maintain close contact with the people and to be diligent and thrifty.

Xi Zhongxun is the leader of the Communist Party of China China (CCP) and the state. Like his father, Xi Jinping is also a staunch supporter of the party’s values ​​and beliefs that party cadres and party members must put the people’s interests first and insist on representing and working for the people.

His father once said to him, “No matter what title you have, you must work hard to serve the people.” Xi Jinping always took his father’s words to heart.

When in the northwest Liangjiahe Village China’s Shaanxi ProvinceSince 1969, as one of the tens of millions of urban educated youths who went to the countryside to live and work, Xi Jinping set up literacy classes to teach villagers to read.

Part-time Secretary of the Northern Zhengding County Party Committee China’s Hebei Province In the 1980s, Xi Jinping reduced or exempted farmers from annual agricultural taxes.

When he was Secretary of the Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee in the early 1990s, Xi Jinping strongly advocated “knocking on the door of local residents to understand their troubles and help them solve their problems”.

When he became party and state leader, Xi Jinping called himself a “public servant of the people.”

Other things Xi Jinping learned from his father was thrift. The Xi family has a tradition of being strict with children and living a simple life.

Xi Jinping has inherited his family tradition. He reiterated the importance of “diligence and thrift” and emphasized the need to advocate “pride in thrift and shame on extravagance”.

Xi Jinping himself is also very frugal, saying that now living conditions have been greatly improved, but the spirit of hard work must be carried forward.

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