Worried about abuse, Israel strengthens supervision of network exports

Jerusalem (Associated Press)- IsraelOn Monday, the Ministry of National Defense announced that it would strengthen its oversight of network exports-a move taken after a series of scandals by Israeli spyware companies. National Bureau of Statistics.

this Department Countries that said they purchased Israeli internet technology must sign a statement promising to use these products “only for the investigation and prevention of terrorist acts and serious crimes.”

It said countries that violate the terms of use may be subject to sanctions, “including restricting the network system and/or disconnecting it.”

The announcement did not mention National Bureau of StatisticsBut just a few days after it was revealed that 11 U.S. State Department employees were hacked National Bureau of Statistics Spyware. A person familiar with the matter said that these employees are in Uganda, including some diplomats, and he has no right to talk publicly about the ongoing investigation.

This is the first known instance National Bureau of StatisticsThe trademark Pegasus spyware was used against U.S. government personnel.

Last month, the U.S. Department of Commerce blacklisted it National Bureau of Statistics, Prohibit the company from using American technology.The blacklist triggered National Bureau of StatisticsWith regard to its financial prospects and viability, the company has admitted that it is trying to reverse this decision.

Apple also sued National Bureau of Statistics Last week, it called the Israeli company an “immoral 21st century mercenary” regarding its hacking of the iPhone and other Apple products. Facebook has filed a lawsuit against similar allegations, claiming that it hacked its popular WhatsApp messaging system.

Pegasus allows its operators to access target mobile phones, including contacts, text messages, and real-time communications.

National Bureau of Statistics Said that it sold its technology to the government only to fight crime and terrorism, and that it has strict protection measures to prevent abuse. Company officials admitted to cutting off contact with several customers due to abuse.

However, human rights organizations and external researchers said the company’s safeguards were insufficient. They said that from Mexico to Saudi Arabia to the Israeli-occupied West Bank, clients abused Pegasus to monitor journalists, human rights activists, and political dissidents.Critics also accused Israel Lax oversight of the digital surveillance industry.

National Bureau of Statistics Declined to comment on this matter Ministry of Defense Guidelines. However, last week, it said it had immediately closed customers who were “possibly related” to the Uganda case. It also vowed that if a customer is found to have breached the contract, it will take legal action against the customer.

Israel It has previously been stated that online exports are limited to the fight against crime and terrorism. According to the new guidelines, Department Said that these definitions “have been sharpened to avoid blurring the boundaries in this case.”

“The updated statement states that, among other things, terrorist acts are acts designed to threaten people and may cause death, injury, hostage-taking, etc.,” it said. It also stated that it is clarifying the “circumstances that prohibit the operation of network systems and clearly state that there is a possibility of sanctions in case of violation of regulations”.

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