World organization continues to attack Israel

CEDIT Geneva United Nations Watch Pay close attention to what is happening on the East River, because the United Nations continues to isolate, condemn, denigrate, exclude and condemn the most democratic country in the Middle East. That was Israel, the only Jewish country on the list of 193 players. This may be just a coincidence, because no one would have thought of targeting Jews. What a crazy idea.

What’s not crazy or interesting is that the United Nations General Assembly is fascinated by all forms of dictatorship and tyranny, and is fascinated by Jews. Every year, it waits in long queues on the docks to vote in order to issue a formal condemnation to the Knesset. man.

The fierce attack on Israel also ignores that from North Korea to Iran, to a small place you may have heard of called China, many countries have objectively committed terrible human rights violations.

United Nations Watch has a New database to track the excessive focus of this world agency on IsraelIn the past six years, the General Assembly has passed 115 resolutions against Israel, while the total number of resolutions against the other 192 member states is only 45. This is a 72% resolution of 0.5% of countries. Considering that 9 million of the 7.9 billion people on the planet are in Israel, this is even more distorted. So Israelis account for 0.1% of the world, but they still get nearly three-quarters of the bricks of the United Nations.

this 14 anti-Israel vote counting This includes winners who deny the Jewish nature of the Temple Mount. Not long ago this man named Solomon built some kind of prayer area there, where there is this wall.and also Continue to investigate the annual vote of the Special Committee on Human Rights in Israel, The remains of the Cold War in 1968, the anti-Israel cabal is still alive.

The United States and Canada are the few decent countries that stand with Israel against this behavior, while many cowardly European countries abstained, and most people joined the ranks.

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