Workers want to keep dating even when they go back to the office

Old habits are hard to break, especially when it comes to dating at work.

Check out Tinder’s recently updated “Desktop Mode” feature, which lets users hide their swipes on their work computer when their boss is about to pass by. Clicking on the “desktop mode” briefcase icon switches the screen to a fake chart called “meeting minutes,” filled with tasks like buying drinks and ordering nachos. (These tasks may be happier than work, but they are.)

Tinder’s “desktop mode” feature.

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A Tinder spokesperson said the feature, which has been around since 2017, had about 1 million monthly hits before the pandemic, before dropping to 850,000 monthly hits in 2021 wealth. The company updated the feature for employees returning to the office, and its popularity is expected to soar again, they said.Same CEO start push the employee back At their desks, Tinder is helping employees maintain the flexibility perks they find working from home: dating during work hours.

2021 Tinder survey available to wealth It found that use of dating apps during the workday has increased by 11% since the pre-pandemic period as employees work from home. Nearly half (47%) of respondents said they would rather swipe at 9-5 than on their own time — even during a meeting, nearly a third of users admit to doing so Do; but most people pay more attention, swiping during their lunch break.

And, according to another in-app survey from the same year, about 35% of Tinder users admitted to using the app as a way to procrastinate at work.

Multitasking between spreadsheets and dating app profiles is all part of the new discovery flexibility The magic buzzword for recruiting and retaining employees today in the age of remote work—almost all Knowledge workers need flexible schedules, and most need flexible locations.Working from home ultimately gives employees longer time to complete their work while reducing Jewish activities during company hours, such as nap, Shoppingand slide.

people have Turning more to dating apps Overall, since the pandemic hit. When the lockdown first started in March 2020, Tinder saw a record number of swipes in one day: 3 billion.

It’s not just apps — employees are generally more active during work hours. A 2021 polls It was found that 42% of employees had at least one date during the workday, and about 41% had at least one sexual encounter.

They will have to say goodbye to coffee dates and afternoon treats because mixed work getting more popular. But Tinder’s relaunched feature suggests they’re not ready to give up on dating altogether, imploring employees to keep swiping right over grainy photos of men holding fish.

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