Withings’ body scan scale can measure the composition of different parts of your body

As far as your weight is concerned, Withings claims that the accuracy of Body Scan is within 0.1 pound (50 grams), or twice that of the previous model, but this is just the beginning of showing your body makeup. It uses multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to measure the percentage of body fat and water, visceral fat, muscle and bone mass, and extracellular and intracellular water. It can even provide readings of individual body parts, including your torso, arms, and legs. Withings said, all of this allows you to discover things that health professionals and sports professionals use, such as dangerous local fat or muscle imbalances.

In cooperation with a French company called Impeto Medical, Withings has also developed a function to evaluate neural activity. It can track sweat gland activity in the foot (sweat-promoting function) using a small direct current through electrodes located on the board. The function impaired in this area may show signs of degeneration of small nerve fibers, which can be corrected by regular activity and a healthy diet.

“This is a useful feature because there are many chronic health problems, such as obesity related to neurological dysfunction,” Lettom told me. “Impeto manufactures equipment for neurologists and other doctors. The cost can be as high as 10,000 Euros. Body Scan is a consumer product that you do every time you weigh.” At the same time, Withings will be able to count Neural activity data is collected from millions of users, which may be useful for medical research and patient care.


In addition to scale, Withings also launched (yes) a subscription service, the price has not been announced yet. Withings said it will “allow users to contact medical experts for advice and consultation, while providing real-time data to clinical teams.” It will also provide personalized health plans, videos and more, covering topics such as nutrition, sleep, exercise and stress management to help users achieve their health goals.

Through body scanning, Withings will provide consumers with a more advanced health, sports and medical home equipment-and at an affordable price. After receiving FDA approval, it is expected to cost $300 when it arrives in the United States and Europe in the second half of 2022, which is $100 higher than the published price of Body Scan. This will include three months of free subscription services, but for scale, this is still a big change.

Much depends on whether it provides all promised functions with reasonable accuracy, and whether it obtains FDA approval in a timely manner.This is not necessarily a given, because Withings took more than a year to get ScanWatch cleared After being approved by the FDA Initial ReleaseThe company’s pulse wave velocity (PVW) heart health function is also problematic, and Pull it In some areas, for regulatory considerations.

In view of all these, Withings is quite bold to launch a weight scale with more advanced medical and health functions. “We think this is how we can promote the health of our users, not by requiring extra effort, but by providing more targeted information about the products they use every day,” Letombe said.

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