With the surge in COVID-19, CES 2022 will end one day early

Rear Some company Completely cancel the site plan At next week’s CES, the organization hosting the show announced today that the event will end one day early. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) stated that CES 2022 will be held from January 5th to 7th, “as an additional safety measure to the currently implemented health agreements.” January 3 and 4 are media days for press conferences and keynote speeches.

The agreement includes masks and vaccination certificates for participating in on-site activities. The CTA also recently announced that it will provide an Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 test when collecting the badge. The association has required attendees to complete a quick test 24 hours before entering the CES venue. If someone develops symptoms at the CES site, the CTA has advised them to report to the emergency station for testing. The organization stated that it will also provide PCR testing for any attendees who need to take a PCR test at their destination before leaving Las Vegas.

Last week, Amazon, Google, Intel, Lenovo, Meta and other well-known exhibitors canceled their on-site plans for CES 2022. As part of today’s announcement, CTA explained that there are still more than 2,200 companies that will showcase their products on the ground in Las Vegas, noting that it has added 143 more in the past two weeks.

CTA CEO Gary Shapiro Has defended the decision Since the omicron variant has caused a surge in the number of COVID-19 cases in many parts of the world, keep the show in face-to-face events. “As the most influential technology event in the world, CES is firmly committed to becoming a meeting place to showcase products and discuss ideas that will ultimately make our lives better,” Shapiro said. “We shortened the exhibition to three days and adopted comprehensive health measures to ensure the safety of all attendees and participants.” Shapiro pointed out that small companies that use this event as a potential springboard for their products will not cancel the event. The key reason. Consumer Electronics Show 2021 Completely virtual.

“We all take risks,” he said In a recent column for Las Vegas Review Magazine. “But there is no innovation without risk.”

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