With the sell-off of the transaction deadline, the people are looking to the future

After the trade deadline on Friday afternoon, after the Washington Nationals reversed their roster within 28 hours, manager Dave Martinez’s voice was shaken as he tried to summarize it all.

He will miss all eight veterans National team Being traded to a competitor-these moves marked a complete reconstruction after the world championship two years later.He understands why the organization made such a move. The playoffs this season is a pipe dream and the need to replenish the exhausted farm system at the forefront of the general manager. Mike Rizzoheart of.

However, understanding does not exceed the emotion of such a day. Washington It has been competitive for most of the past ten years and reached its peak in 2019 with the championship.The road to franchising has changed with the sale deadline, because National team Turn your eyes to the future instead of the present.

But this didn’t stop Martinez Turn from his Looking back, I sat with Max Scherzer for 45 minutes on Thursday and Friday, recalling the right-handed player’s six and a half seasons. Washington.

“We laughed,” Martinez Say. “We are sad.”

It is baseball, where laughter and tears can be intertwined-before the trade deadline, a championship team can be torn apart in order to build a future championship team.

Rizzo knew better than anyone. he Wear his Friday World Series Ring-Don’t gloat or rest his Laurels or remind those who listen his What’s the explanation heThe past came true. instead, he I put on the ring to remind myself of what I can achieve. Washington Do it with many players that the team just traded.Rizzo hopes to do it again with the players he Just changed.

“We got everything we could get from this group, and we reached the highest level,” Rizzo said. “It is not shameful to have to take a step back, refocus, restart, and start the process again. This is what we are preparing to do.”

The most jaw-dropping deal National team What was done was to send Scherzer and shortstop Trea Turner to the Los Angeles Dodgers. But this is far from the only deal. The closer Bradhand went to the Toronto Blue Jays, and the rescue team Daniel Hudson went to the San Diego Padres. Utilityman Josh Harrison and receiver Yan Gomes went to Oakland Athletics, left-handed Jon Lester was sent to the St. Louis Cardinals, and left fielder Kyle Schwarber joined the Boston Red Sox.

In return, Washington Revamped its farm system-this is the last system ranked by MLB.com earlier this year. National team Acquired 12 prospects for their proven major league players. The group is led by Dodgers Keibert Ruiz and right-hander Josiah Gray. They may find their majors before September (if not earlier). League level.

This is the balance that the general manager must achieve while taking into account reality and reality.for WashingtonRizzo saw the window closed.so he Replace those whose contracts have expired (except Turner) with the next generation of talents.

Rizzo said: “The last few drafts we have, and our acquisitions before the trade deadline, will be the core of the next championship club.” “And this is our goal.”

In the accumulation of deadlines, Rizzo Said that there are no untradeable players. he To support this by trading Turner, the 28-year-old star has a 0.322 field goal percentage this season.Turner still has one year of team control, which means Washington Because of fear of losing him in the offseason, there is no need to move him.but Rizzo It is said that Turner’s value is the highest now, when Los Angeles could use him to play two playoff games.

National team During the 2020 spring training, they held long-term contract extension negotiations with Turner, but they brought up these discussions at the beginning of the season. Turner and his representatives then wanted to wait to see what deals the other shortstops in the league had signed before pursuing their own.While at the same time Washington Turner plans to start contract negotiations this offseason, but he was traded before then.

“Because of our franchise, we have maximized Trea’s value,” Rizzo said. “Trea Turner in his two playoffs and a year and a half is more valuable than Trea Turner who was in the free agent market a year before. …because of the long contract period he left behind. , We benefit from potential customers.”

Washington Has been in this position before.when Rizzo Became the general manager in 2009, National team 103 games were lost that season. They lost 93 points in the second year and completed a game less than 0.500 in 2011. In the next eight seasons, Washington Each of them scored more than 0.500 points-they ended the game in the 2019 World Series.

Rizzo knows what it takes to rebuild, although he It is expected that this interpretation will be smoother and faster than it was ten years ago. There is also Juan Soto on the right field, a 22-year-old player who has three years of team control before his contract expires, which Rizzo calls the “benchmark type of player.” heWill receive.

“If we don’t actively try to sign, we will be dereliction of duty he Long term,” Rizzo said.

Martinez Say he Sit down with Soto in Philadelphia because the sell-off has just begun, telling the star that he needs to stay awake, even if the team around him is stripped away.

“He is now the person this organization will emulate,” Martinez Say.

Soto will lead the team that Rizzo and Co. consider to be the core of the next championship level, through the fragmentation brought before the deadline and the draft assembly of the past few years. Rizzo called Soto the “key” to the team’s plan-he was one of the last remaining links to the 2019 World Series. Washington, And the injured Stephen Strasbourg and 36-year-old Ryan Zimmerman.

Martinez And Rizzo knew that to create a sustainable franchise—a franchise that could compete for most years—needs to make difficult decisions, such as selling Scherzer and Turner, the cornerstones of these two franchises.

But this does not mean Martinez After the dust settles, you can’t be excited, tears are streaming down your face his Eye, his The sound is wobbly, his There are as many thoughts about the past as there are thoughts about the future.

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