With the resumption of nuclear agreement negotiations, Iran takes a tough stance

Tehran, Iran (Associated Press) — Iran Only one day after the resumption of negotiations, took a tough stance on Tuesday Vienna Regarding its shabby nuclear agreement, this shows that everything discussed in previous rounds of diplomacy can be renegotiated.

Speaking to Ali Bagheri, Iran’s national television station, IranThe top nuclear negotiator of the People’s Republic of China referred to everything discussed so far as the “draft.”It’s not clear if this represents IranThe new president of the United States may express serious trouble for those who wish to restore the 2015 agreement, which saw Tehran severely restrict its uranium enrichment in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions.

During the “Maximum Pressure” campaign of then-President Donald Trump, the United States abandoned the agreement. Tehran In 2018. Since the transaction failed, Iran A small amount of uranium can now be enriched to a purity of 60%-only a few steps away from a weapon-grade level of 90%. Iran It also spins advanced centrifuges prohibited by the agreement, and its uranium stocks now far exceed the agreement’s limits.

President Joe Biden stated that the United States is willing to rejoin the agreement, although negotiations with US officials continue, unlike the previous rounds of negotiations since Washington withdrew.

“The draft is subject to negotiation. Therefore, unless everything is agreed, nothing will be agreed,” Bagheri said. “On this basis, all the discussions that took place in the six rounds were summarized and negotiated. At today’s meeting, all parties also recognized this.”

This directly contradicts the comments made by EU diplomats who led the talks on Monday.

Enrique Mora said: “The Iranian delegation represents Tehran’s new government and has understandable new political sensitivities, but they have accepted that the work completed in the first six rounds of negotiations is a good foundation for us to continue our work. There is no need to go back,” Enrique Mora said.

Another country TV clip saw Bagheri Vienna Say Iran It is required that “the United States pledges not to impose new sanctions” or not re-impose sanctions previously lifted.

The national nuclear chief Mohammed Eslami (Mohammed Eslami) IranThe state-run IRNA news agency.

“Talks (at Vienna) Is about the U.S. return to the agreement. They must lift all sanctions. This should be in practice and verifiable,” he said. He did not elaborate.

The United States has imposed a series of sanctions on the United States Iran Since taking over the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979.Some end up directly dealing with the country’s nuclear program, while others are aimed at Tehran Washington called it an action that destabilized the Middle East. According to the 2015 nuclear agreement, the United States lifted nuclear sanctions, and when Washington withdrew from the agreement, the sanctions came back.

Iran Maintaining its atomic program is peaceful.However, U.S. intelligence agencies and international inspectors said Iran It was not until 2003 that there was an organized nuclear weapons program.Non-proliferation experts worry that any fringe policy will promote Tehran Take more extreme measures to try to force the West to lift sanctions.

What makes things more difficult is that the UN nuclear inspectors still cannot fully monitor IranAfter the show Tehran co., ltd. Their visit.a trip Iran Last week, Rafael Grossi, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, failed to make any progress on the issue.

talks Vienna Aims to re-limit IranWith hard-line President Ebrahim Raisi (Ebrahim Raisi) came to power, after more than five months of suspension, the nuclear program was resumed on Monday. Raisi, the proud protégé of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, launched a campaign for the lifting of sanctions.However, the hardline compatriots within IranFor a long time, theocracy has criticized the nuclear agreement for providing too much to the West.

Russia’s top representative for the talks, Mikhail Ulyanov, said on Twitter on Tuesday that the resumption of negotiations was “quite successful”.

He wrote: “Participants decided to continue the drafting process of the two working groups-on sanctions lifting and nuclear issues without delay.” “This work will begin immediately.”

Israel, IranDuring the negotiations, opponents with nuclear weapons in the region continued to put pressure on them.Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett (Naftali Bennett) in a video speech to the countries participating in the negotiations Vienna, Warned that he saw Iran Attempt to “end the sanctions in exchange for almost nothing.”

Iran In a subsequent video posted to Twitter, Bennett said that they should not receive any rewards, bargaining transactions, and sanctions relief in exchange for their atrocities. “I call on our allies around the world: don’t succumb to IranIt is nuclear blackmail. “


Associated Press writer Jon Gambler contributed to this report in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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