With the popularity of Omicron, Google Scraps returns to the office plan

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Due to concerns about the new coronavirus, Google once again postponed the task of returning American workers to the office omicron variant Raise an alarm and propose new restrictions on a global scale.

In the email sent to full-time employees on Thursday, the winner was NBC Finance Channel, The technology company said it would cancel its authorization originally scheduled for January 10th and wait until 2022 to determine when its American employees can safely return to the office for a long time. Email to U.S. workers There is no mention of omicron variants.However, Google’s leadership in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa clearly pointed out the “uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and new travel restrictions”, which is the reason for the postponement of the return next month Employees in these countries, according to Inside story.

Google It was previously announced that employees will be required to return to the office three days a week on January 10 and receive a full vaccine to do so. The company said that in recent weeks, Google has opened 90% of its offices in the United States, and nearly 40% of its employees have arrived at work.

Although a clear timetable has not yet been determined, Chris Rackow, Google’s vice president of global security, reiterated in an email that the company will allow specific locations to decide when to bring employees back to the office.The policy has Previously disclosed CEO Sundar Pichai added that the team will Was given 30 days of “heads-Before they are expected to enter”.

The location will be assisted by Google’s local incident response team, which will help assess the “risk level” of each office.

Nevertheless, Rackow said that Google encourages employees to “enter the office when conditions permit, personally reconnect with colleagues and begin to restore muscle memory that is more frequent in the office.”

“We will relearn our work rhythm together in 2022, and as we try to work more flexibly, this will bring new opportunities and new challenges,” Rackow wrote.

A Google spokesperson told CNBC that the delay was in line with the company’s previous plan, which considered January 10 as the earliest return date. At this point, however, the return date of large technology companies is as uncertain as the end of the pandemic.Will other companies such as Apple launch one Mixed work pilot on February 1, Facebook, with Amazon Will also postpone their plans.

A Google spokesperson said: “We will continue to determine when the office will reopen and start a mixed work week based on local conditions, because local conditions are dynamic and vary from location to location.”

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