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Fresh beans can If you want to brew, make the world different Drink better coffee at home. Save your time to go to the store, and let them be delivered directly to your door automatically!Atlas Coffee Club is one of us Favorite coffee subscription service, It provides a free first bag of coffee beans and a 1.8 ounce coffee sample (about four cups brewed) from Guatemala for wired readers.

A 12-ounce bag usually sells for $14.The company usually offers free first package promotions during major promotions, such as past Cyber ​​monday, But the extra sampler will sweeten the pot. The only gain? You need to sign up for the subscription during the checkout process and charge you when it ships within the next few weeks. If you realize that the service is not needed, you can skip a month, suspend the service, or cancel it completely before charging. Click the link below to view promotional information at checkout. The transaction will continue until December 13.

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Why we like Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club.

Photo: Atlas

Atlas Coffee Club Beans of a single origin roasted in Austin, Texas are delivered to your home every two to four weeks. You can customize the frequency and whether you want a darker or lighter roast, whole beans or ground coffee, and how many bags you need for each order. The unique feature of this service is that you will receive a bag of beans from different countries every month, and it recycles more than 50, from Indonesia to Brazil.

These bags are stylishly designed and inspired by the origin of the beans. There is a postcard about the country and another card detailing the beans’ tasting notes and advice on how to brew them. The free sampler from Guatemala included in this promotion is made using a process called anaerobic fermentation, which removes oxygen from coffee cherries at an early stage. Atlas stated that it added local fruit starter to “ensure healthy fermentation and produce the right level of yeast to find the perfect balance of fermentation and flavor.” It is different from what you get in a regular 12-ounce bag.

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