Wife of Arrested Tornado Cash Developer Banned From Talking To Him — Rally Organization

Ksenia Malik, the wife of Tornado Cash founder Alexey Pertsev Wife, slammed Dutch authorities for treating her husband as a “dangerous criminal” after his arrest last week.

Netherlands Fiscal Information and Investigation Office (FIOD) Arrest of Pertsev on August 12 Allegedly using Ethereum-based privacy tools to launder money and conceal criminal financial flows.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Malik confirmed that Pertsev is still in the hands of Dutch authorities and that he has not had a chance to contact him since he was in prison.

“He was in jail as if he were a dangerous criminal,” Malik said, expressing her concern about Pertsev’s arrest without warning, as she sees it as an unwarranted Harmful activity:

“It was very unexpected to me that a man was arrested for writing open source code.”

Malik said she “can only guess where he is now and how difficult it is for him” because Dutch authorities have banned her entirely [or anyone] Any contact with him, not even “a brief phone call”.

Although Malik feels helpless in this regard, she is not without support.Decentralized finance (DeFi) aggregator 1inch organizes a rally in Amsterdam August 20, Shows support for Pertsev and the right to create open source software on behalf of the developer.

1inch has been particularly outspoken on the matter, having said that arresting Pertsev could “set a dangerous precedent” because it could “kill the entire open-source software landscape” if developers are held responsible for any software they create. abused by others.

In light of 1inch’s efforts and the wider crypto community, Malik said she is “very grateful to everyone who helped and supported my husband” as it proved “people really care.”

Malik also hopes that the rally will not only draw attention to Pertsev’s injustice, but also positively influence public opinion on the nature of open source code:

“We want to spread the word and let as many people as possible know about this arrest and why it went wrong. This is a serious issue because every open source developer and many others could be affected by this allegation.”

However, Pertsev’s arrest is not entirely disapproving. Venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary said in a recent interview, Crypto privacy tools like Tornado Cash are part of the “crypto cowboy” culture “Confused with the raw power of regulation”. While continuing to describe Pertsev’s arrest as a necessary arrest.

“If we have to sacrifice him, that’s okay because we want some stability in institutional capital,” he said.

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Before the arrest, the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control U.S. residents are prohibited from interacting with Tornado Cash On August 8, there were growing concerns that it was being used to launder money. The U.S. Treasury believes that Tornado Cash has facilitated more than $7 billion worth of money laundering since Pertsev created Tornado Cash in 2019.