Why wait?Biden presses to sanction Russia ahead of Ukraine invasion

Leading Republicans said Sunday that President Biden must revamp his Russia strategy and imposing severe sanctions on Moscow immediately, rather than waiting until after the Russian military has taken military action against Moscow Ukraine.

The Biden administration comes under increasing pressure amid growing fears of a Russian ground invasion of a neighboring country Ukraine Almost inevitable.

Ukrainian officials now say more than 125,000 Russian troops are stationed on the border between the two countries, while British intelligence officials warned over the weekend that the Kremlin was planning a coup to overthrow Ukraineelected leaders and established a pro-Russian puppet regime.

Russia Denied any plans for an invasion or coup, but has not abandoned demands for sweeping concessions on regional security from Kiev and NATO, threatening an unspecified response if its wishes are ignored.

Against this backdrop, critics say Mr Biden must act more forcefully now.

“I think, on the counterattack, we need to act now Russia. We need to show strength and not be in an appeasement stance, which seems to be how President Biden works for his administration,” Sen. Jonny Ernst, R-Iowa and a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, told CNN TV News Network’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

“I think we have a lot of options in terms of deterrence RussiaBut we need to impose these now,” Ms Ernst said. Russian President Vladimir Putin “sees every opportunity to do what he wants to do” Ukraine There is little resistance from the US. “

The U.S. and its allies vow a unified, coordinated response Russia continue military action UkraineThe response will include an unprecedented wave of punitive economic and financial sanctions, officials said.

The government has already taken some action. For example, the U.S. Treasury Department last week sanctioned four Russians for allegedly engaging in “Russian government-led influence activities to destabilize.” Ukraine. “

Administration officials say there is good reason to be patient. Implementing all possible sanctions in full now could backfire, they said, as it would signal to Putin that he has little to lose and might as well go ahead with the invasion.

“The purpose of these sanctions is to deter Russian aggression. So if they are triggered now, you lose that deterrent,” Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told CNN on Sunday.

But Blinken, who met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov again in Geneva on Friday to stem a military conflict, stressed that the United States and its allies were ready to act quickly.

“If an additional Russian army enters Ukraine In a radical way… this will trigger a swift, severe and unified response from us and Europe,” he said.

exist Ukraine, officials believe that the United States is missing an opportunity to avoid war by advancing its sanctions program now.

“As a country that is building a strong economy and undergoing reforms, I support sanctions now,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told The Washington Post last week.

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