Why Trump might be back on Twitter if Elon Musk allows Trump.

Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, soon to be the owner of Twitter, On Tuesday, he caused a stir when he said he would bring former President Donald Trump back to the social media platform he banned in January 2021.

“I do think it’s incorrect to ban Donald Trump, I think it’s a mistake,” Musk said in a statement. FT Future Car Conference. “I will revoke the permanent ban.”

That’s exactly what Trump and his supporters have long demanded — and even sue for. Trump said he had no interest in coming back, using his Twitter clone app Truth Social instead.

“I’m not going back to Twitter,” The former president told CNBC in late April“I like Elon Musk. I like him a lot. He’s a great guy. We did a lot of work for Twitter when I was in the White House. I’m disappointed with the way Twitter treated me.”

Given the opportunity, though, we have every reason to expect that Trump might activate his Twitter account again. (Musk is not expected to take over for the next few months, and the sale of Twitter remains unfinished.) Trump used Twitter to build his political career, Pair with cable news. Until the day he was banned, Twitter was a very effective tool for Trump. He has around 67 million followers, making him the most popular global leader on the app. So far, since he was kicked off Twitter and all other major social media platforms, he has not been able to rebuild an equally large or engaged audience. Of course, Trump is also less talked about these days because he’s no longer president — but that could change considering he’s expected to run again for the Republican presidential nomination.

Here’s why you should take Trump’s claims on Twitter with a grain of salt.

Trump still doesn’t have a good Twitter replacement

Instead of using Twitter, Trump said he was moving his social media presence to Truth Social, the Twitter clone app he helped create.

Truth Social aims to be a “marquee” social media platform comparable to Twitter and Facebook, encouraging “open, free and honest global dialogue without discriminating against political ideology”.

But in reality, the app is almost entirely dominated by right-wing users and has had a rough start.

First, the launch of Truth Social was delayed by a few weeks. Then, when it rolls out in late February 2022, most users won’t be able to log in. The app has amassed a waiting list of millions.

The CEO of Truth Social says the app will be “fully operational” by the end of March, but there are still many people reporting that it has been put on a waitlist, with those currently using the app reporting that Clumsy user experience.

There are also questions about the financial viability of the app, as its funding source is a SPAC (special purpose acquisition companya shell company whose sole purpose is to acquire other companies) and Trump Media & Technology Group – are at risk Under investigation by federal regulators and face a Valuations fall. The two executives also Resign In recent months, less than a year after joining the company, from Truth Social.

Even if Truth Social solves its technical and financial challenges, it still won’t have the massive reach of Twitter or Facebook. Currently, Truth Social has an estimated 2 million users. Twitter has 330 million users, more than 150 times its size. It also appeals to users of all political beliefs — including journalists and influencers — who react to and amplify Trump’s messages, helping him stay in the news.

If you’re a politician like Trump, sharing your thoughts on major social media platforms rather than the niche app where you preach to choirs will have a wider impact .

Aside from being banned, Trump has no real grievances with Twitter

Until the day he was banned, Twitter was a very effective tool for Trump to promote his political agenda in real time without the need for the media to fact-check his claims or analyze his decisions.

The only real problem Trump has with Twitter is that it banned him.

Of course, Trump isn’t happy with the facts on Twitter Start labeling in 2020 Some of his many false and inflammatory tweets came with warning signs and fact checks, but even that didn’t stop him from continuing to tweet nonstop.

In the past, Trump has often claimed that Silicon Valley is run by a liberal elite, which he says censors him and other conservatives on social media.But now that Trump has found an ally in Musk, he is increasingly appeal to the right And also in line with Trump in accusing Twitter of The current employee base has a pro-liberal bias.

Trump and his supporters have been changing their minds

In the end, Trump has been changing his mind.Like many politicians, he was caught off guard on a number of issues, including Building a wall on the US-Mexico border and threatened to leave the Republican Party. And he usually accepts people who support him, as Musk is doing now, Even if they weren’t his biggest fans in the past.

Since the news of Musk’s acquisition, other conservative leaders such as Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson have quietly returned to Twitter after previously criticizing the company — calling it a “key point in history.” point”.Carlson suspended A March tweet from Twitter claimed that an article referring to U.S. Assistant Surgeon General Dr. Rachel Levine, who is a trans woman, as a “man” was true.Fox News host and his supporters framed his suspension as an attack on free speech and refused to delete his tweet.

After news of Musk’s acquisition of Twitter broke in April, Carlson appeared to have quietly deleted the tweet This took him off the platform. His account has since been restored.

In the end, Trump would benefit from following Cuaron and similarly shelving his issues with Twitter.former president is His 2024 presidential campaign is expected to launch soonhe can use all the attention he can get.

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