Why throw it?The Patriots only passed the ball three times in the “Monday Night Football” victory over Bill

Bill Belichick Known for being shy to the media.

But before New England’s “Monday Night Football” game against Buffalo, Belchik May have given important hints about what his The offensive plan is.

Long-term coach of the Patriots wears navy Before the game, he wore a mask while speaking to the media under terrible conditions, and then only passed the ball 3 times in the team’s 14-10 defeat of Bill.

The Patriots did not use the Midshipmen’s triple option, but due to sub-freezing temperatures, 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts, and a combination of rain, snow, and sleet, they did run 222 yards on 46 loads. New England rookie quarterback Mac Jones has 3 passes and 2 passes totaling 19 yards.

“The way we play is a bit like we feel we need to play to win,” Belchik Said after the game.

According to ESPN Stats & Information research, three passes are the fewest number of passes in the history of the Patriots. This is also the lowest number of shots by any team since the Bills only attempted two passes in 1974. The record for the lowest number of passes in the New England team’s previous game was 5 passes in the 1982 “snowplow” game against Miami.

Whether it is navy The mask is a clue, Belchik It is indeed related to the program. he Grew up in Annapolis, Maryland, then collapsed navy Childhood game movie his Father, he has served as an assistant coach and scout in the Marine Corps for more than 30 years.

The Bill’s victory was New England’s seventh consecutive victory. At 9-4, the Patriots entered their goodbye week as the No. 1 seed of the AFC.

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