Why is the game still struggling for transgender tolerance?

When it comes to For trans and non-binary representations, the gaming industry is in a state of constant change. Changes are happening, especially in the independent field, but it is a long process and is creating an unpredictable landscape.New versions that have the opportunity to challenge the status quo are often unsatisfactory, such as about Cyberpunk 2077: Fans split Regarding whether including transgender characters outweighs the subtle transphobia in the game.

Even other so-called best-efforts, such as Dragon Age: Trial with The Last of Us 2, Relying on fetishism and trauma. Due to the lack of LGBTQIA+ dialogue, it has become a tapestry of clichés and misunderstandings. If developers spend time interacting with various LGBTQ+ gamers, they will better understand the nuances required to create a full-blown queer character. On the contrary, trauma mining—especially transgender trauma—is usually a focal point, and if more transgender input is put on the agenda, the problem can be eradicated.

Transgender game player Phoebe Zeitler told Wired that the LGBTQ+ gaming scene is “deteriorating.”

Currently, the representation is out of touch; there will be several misses for each hit, and the hits usually come from Independent game developers make new narratives, Rather than AAA publishers who traditionally avoid risks. The game has been trying to correctly represent LGBTQ+ characters, and previous generations included transgender as a joke. Just like in the Grand Theft Auto seriesSadly, the precedent for problematic portrayals has deteriorated.

Learn from the mistakes of big budgets

An example of a possibly well-intentioned lack of inclusiveness is 2020 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War And introduced a third gender option in its character customization tool. When Activision added non-binary/trans options to the game, it seemed to have made progress-gamers in the LGBTQ+ range would eventually feel included correctly.

Unfortunately, what Activision did was to introduce a “category” function instead of a specialized non-binary/trans function. Although the feature is actively promoted as a genderless alternative, the reality is that Activision avoids being fully committed to transgender inclusion and instead adopts simple “other” options. It turns a potentially progressive position into a sour experience.

Considering the game’s military missions, edited files, and secret, covert plots, it may feel appropriate to have a “secret” option. However, once you realize that the choices of men and women remain the same, “confidential” suddenly becomes sinister. It reinforces the idea to some extent that non-dual and transgender characters (and their players) are “others” and somehow exceed accepted norms.

When Activision announced this option, the news was Praised and despised From fans. Those who supported the decision could not understand the question and asked why anyone would even be offended by this choice. At the same time, those who oppose this move use the overly familiar “historical accuracy” as a cover to cover up their own homophobia or transphobia.

but call-of-duty Not alone.Also notorious is September 2020 Cyberpunk 2077, A game Promised a lotBut except Crashed and burned Within a few weeks after the release. Although the mistake has consolidated its destiny, the game attempts to provide some form of transgender representation through its character customization.Players can choose typical options such as hair, makeup, and gender, but they can also choose the character’s genitals, regardless of the gender they choose, and separate them appropriately gender From Physical sex.

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