Whoopi Goldberg has tested positive for Covid-19

Bihar told the audience that Goldberg’s case has been mild so far.

“They said there was no place like home during the holidays, which is exactly where we are this year,” Behar said of the panel members of the show. “All our living rooms wish you a Happy New Year. As you can see, we returned to the box and performed remotely, hoping for only one week. I pray that this is only one week, but you never know because of this omicron thing Everywhere.”

She continued: “Why am I here instead of Whoopi? Well, unfortunately, Whoopi tested positive during the break, but she may be back next week. Since she was vaccinated and boosted, her symptoms are very, very Minor. But we are very cautious here in’The View’.”

Panel members Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines and guest host Ana Navarro are also broadcasting live remotely.

Hostin told the audience that she and her mother also tested positive for Covid during the holiday break, and they celebrated on FaceTime.

“I have FaceTime calls with my family during Christmas and New Years, which is very difficult,” she said. “My mother also tested positive for Covid. We are all negative now, thank God, Manny and the children and my dad both tested negative and stayed negative. I am grateful that I was vaccinated and strengthened because I only have a cold. Wait for the symptoms, but honestly, I don’t feel very good, it just shows you that vaccines and boosters are really effective, and it can ensure that you will not be hospitalized for such things, and that you will not die due to certain things like this.”

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