Who is Emmanuel?Far-right and far-left vie for French votes

PARIS – The stakes are high, and the fight for the dirty and centrist President Emmanuel Macron’s party is a beat.But to the visitor from outer space, the parliamentary elections in June France It might look like a battle between the far right and the far left.

Run for 577 seats a month before the first round of voting FranceThe House of Commons has been brutal. Pressure has been building since the April presidential election, when Macron won a second term, beating far-right leader Marine Le Pen in a runoff to cancel her third run.

When Le Pen’s political nemesis, leader of the far left, the bottom of the pot is bubbling Jean-Luc Mellon JeanWith a large number of left-wing political party alliances, positioning itself as beyond both she and, he Hopefully, Macron, in June.

So now, Le Pen thinks Melenchon as she major adversaries such as she strive to keep she National Rally party has a good performance in the political, parliamentary outstanding performance.

she The party’s campaign slogan, “The only opposition to Make Long” proved this point she Competition with far-left leaders.

Melenchon himself, by his alliance, set his foresight, claiming he will rob Macron of the majority and become Francethe next prime minister – appointed by the president alone.

Le Pen’s hopes are less grand: creating a “strong” parliamentary group — with at least 15 MPs — that would give her anti-immigration party more time to speak and other privileges so it can be heard and Harassment of powerful people.

Le Pen mocks Melenchon As a “court clown” who will never be prime minister. But there are enough votes, she told RTL radio this week, Melenchon Can transform the National Assembly into a squatter haven for left-leaning causes, “There are defenders of the (anarchist) black bloc, defenders of the burkini, those who want to disarm the police, and those who want to because prisons are bad People who want to open prisons.”

for she Melenchon interim president of the party represented “a threat to the Republic.”

“I think extremism today is on the side of Mr. Melenchon,” Jordan Badra said at a news conference, using the exact label French media favored for his own far-right party.

Le Pen and Melenchon is a long-term political enemy.But for Le Pen, the hatred with the left-wing coalition has clearly deepened Melenchon End with Socialists, Communists and Greens, strengthen his hand. Le Pen’s party refused to ally with upstart far-right presidential candidate Eric Zemour, who stole some of her party’s biggest names but ended up with just 7 percent of the vote.

Paradoxically, although Le Pen ranked second in the presidential campaign, but with MelenchonThe third, and far-right to unprecedented electoral performance, she The party is in a weaker position in the legislative elections June 12 and 19 in Melenchonsupported his alliance.

FranceLegislative voting system in favor of the president, but almost prevented Le Pen’s party win a majority of seats in depth. In the last election, only eight members won seats in the National Rally.Le Pen hopes to update her seat, was one of 569 candidates sent her own party France.

“It’s a very brutal movement… At the same time, you don’t see real debate in this movement, where many French people feel that their day-to-day problems are not being solved,” said far-right expert Jean-Yves Camus. He added that it was also “a pretty surreal campaign with Mr. Melenchon Say, ‘I, Prime Minister. ‘”

Make Long centrist party and its allies have 300 seats in the outgoing parliament. still, his The Republic on the Move has been renamed the Renaissance and is allied with other centrists.

“This is going to be the toughest campaign,” the president warned his Party candidate this week. “Our country is divided.”

Divisiveness, drama and tough rhetoric are nothing new for French elections.

France Is a political tradition extremely divided country, “Camus said.” Your impression is very difficult to speak two parts of the country. “

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