White House summons Chinese ambassador to protest Taiwan invasion: report

The Biden administration reportedly summoned China’s ambassador to the White House on Thursday to condemn Beijing’s aggression against Taiwan following a visit by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby Tell The Washington Post, which first reported on the meeting, said Ambassador Qin Gang was invited to negotiate, a diplomatic protest.

“We condemned [People’s Republic of China’s] Military action is irresponsible and runs counter to our long-term goal of maintaining peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait,” Mr Kirby said.

On Thursday, China fired a series of missiles into waters off the coast of Taiwan. Some of them landed in Japan’s economic zone.

Ambassador Qin met with Kurt Campbell, Biden’s deputy assistant to the President, who coordinates Indo-Pacific affairs on the National Security Council.

The White House told China its behavior was unacceptable, but it wanted to keep lines of communication open and maintain its “One China” policy.

Beijing regards Taiwan as a separate province, so it is sensitive to any claims of Taiwan’s independence.

Beijing is deeply unhappy with Mrs. Pelosi’s visit. It announced sanctions on the Speaker and his family on Friday and took eight “countermeasures” against the United States, including canceling some military coordination, suspending climate talks and cooperating on illegal immigration and drug law enforcement.

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