Whistleblower: With the fall of Afghanistan, Britain gave up supporters

London (Associated Press)-British Ministry of Foreign Affairs Abandoned allies of many countries Afghanistan And at their mercy Taliban in autumn acceptance Due to the dysfunction and arbitrariness of the evacuation work, a whistleblower claimed on Tuesday.

In providing devastating evidence to the parliamentary committee, Raphael Marshall stated that between August 21 and August 25, thousands of e-mail requests for help were not read. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Employees estimate that only 5% of Afghan nationals who applied to flee under a British plan were helped. He said that once, he was the only person monitoring the inbox.

“At any given moment, there are usually more than 5,000 unread emails in the inbox, including many unread emails from the beginning of August,” he wrote to the Special Committee on Foreign Affairs, which is investigating Britain’s chaotic Brexit problem. Afghanistan“These emails are desperate and urgent. Many headlines impressed me, including phrases such as “Please save my child.”

Marshall said that some of the people who stayed have been Taliban.

As Taliban After coming to power in August, the United States, Britain and other countries hurriedly evacuated Afghans who had cooperated with Western forces and others who were at risk of violent retaliation.

The UK managed to airlift 15,000 people out of the country within two weeks, and the government said it has helped more than 3,000 people leave the country since then Afghanistan.

But the resettlement plan for Afghanistan announced by the government in August aimed at bringing another 20,000 people to the UK has not yet begun.

Former Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab Ministry of Foreign Affairs Became the Minister of Justice after the crisis and defended his actions.

“Some of the criticisms seem to be quite out of touch with the local facts and the operational pressure brought about by taking over the company. Taliban, It’s unexpected in the world,” he told the BBC. “I do think that people don’t give enough recognition to how difficult it is. “

Tom Tugendhat, the Conservative Party member in charge of the Foreign Affairs Committee, said that Marshall’s testimony “raised serious questions about the leadership of the government”. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “The committee is due to the quiz senior Ministry of Foreign Affairs Civil servants are late on Tuesday.

this Taliban Rush through Afghanistan At the end of the summer, Afghan security forces trained and equipped by the United States and its allies occupied all major cities within a few days.this Taliban Take over acceptance August 15.

Many people who have worked for Western powers or governments worry that the country will fall into chaos or Taliban They can be retaliated against.

Many people are still worried Taliban Will re-impose the harsh interpretation of Sharia they relied on during the campaign Afghanistan From 1996 to 2001, women at that time had to wear all-encompassing burqas, and they had to be accompanied by male relatives every time they went out.this Taliban Music is forbidden, and the hands of thieves and adulterers are cut off.

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