Where can parents get help for climate anxiety

You can join them for free Weekly Diary Circle On Wednesdays, buy their journals for between $18 and $25, or get a five-day free journal reminder when you sign up for their email list.

Have a conversation

We can only save the circle

If you are eager to have climate-related conversations in your social circle and are looking for some DIY group materials, then this is your best choice. All We Can Save is a best-selling collection of essays from 60 women at the forefront of climate movement. Now, as a branch of the anthology, the group has created circles that we can save. They describe it as “a book club, but it’s a cooler, deeper, and more extended version.” The framework involves 10 sessions (using soothing names like Reframe, Reshape, and Persist), and it’s free for anyone Download and start your own circle.

Ecotherapy and Social Justice Alliance

According to its website, the alliance is located at the “intersection of mental health, social justice, and environmentalism, bringing positive change, fairness, and healing to the planet, ourselves, and our communities.” The Ecotherapy and Social Justice Alliance provides a wide range of Online ecotherapy seminars and conversations about social justice.

Climate Emotional Dialogue

These virtual conversations were created by Margaret Klein Salamon (a.k.a. “climate psychologist”) and are up to an hour long, open to everyone and free to participate. These conversations are held 3 times a month and are suitable for anyone who wants to share their feelings about climate change and listen to the opinions of others. Participants described these conversations as “empowering,” “comforting,” and “changing the world.”

Find community

Science mom

The organization was founded by a group of respected climate scientists (who are also moms) and is trying to inspire everyday moms to demand solutions to protect the planet for their children. “83% of mothers worry about climate change for all political parties and races. That’s why I co-founded Science Moms,” climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe told me. Science Moms provides a free toolkit to help you discuss climate change with friends and family, and it also hosts free webinars on climate-related topics.

Deeply adapt to the parenting Facebook group

Deep adaptation is a social movement for those who believe that climate change will increasingly threaten food, water, and government systems and ultimately lead to social collapse. The movement emphasizes non-violence, compassion and “preparation” for a new future. If this resonates with you, you will find like-minded parents in this group. Post topics range from handling emotions to sharing links and resources to practical preparation techniques.

Future parents

As an offshoot of the #FridaysforFuture movement (initiated by Greta Thunberg), Future Parents is a network of hundreds of groups in at least 23 countries. They have templates for writing letters and other actions you can participate in, as well as links to more local groups. They also provide climate parent scholarships to support parent activists around the world. They have strong influence in the EU and the UK, so if you are there, this might be a good contact group.

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