When Washington squeezed through Carolina, Tyler Haynik surpassed Cam Newton

Charlotte, North Carolina — Sunday Washington football team and Carolina Panthers Should be about Ron Rivera with Cam NewtonThe duel between the coach and the quarterback-now standing on the opposite sideline, the first face-off in the regular season.

Someone forgot to tell Taylor Haynick.

Hynek, predecessor Panther Backup, lead Washington It can be said that beat Carolina 27-21 his The best performance of Burgundy and gold. Heinicke passed for 206 yards and 3 touchdowns Washington This season’s record has improved to 4-6.

Heinicke designed a 58-yard push in 12 games, resulting in a 37-yard shot by Joey Slye-this series made possible in the absolutely dazzling pitch of the fourth and third quarters, Put Burgundy and the Golden team into the field of shooting. The precise clutch throw is one of Hynek’s many throws in the afternoon, he completed 72.4% his pass through.

WashingtonThe defense also did its job to contain Newton -Especially in the last two minutes of the car in Carolina. With 1:50 left, drop six points, Newton Have the opportunity to lead Panther The victory was won, but defensive tackle Daron Payne fired the quarterback in fourth and third place, forcing him to make a mistake.

Stop helping Washington Overtaking Carolina, the latter fell behind 5-6.

Newton He made 21 of 27 shots for 189 yards and 2 touchdowns. he He added another 46 yards on the ground and rushed into the end zone for a 24-yard touchdown.

This weekend marked the reunion of many members of the Washington football team. Of course, Rivera returned to Charlotte.But there are more than 30 other coaches, executives and players Washington People with ties to North Carolina-including offensive coordinator Scott Turner, executives Martini and Hynek.

when Rivera Get out of the tunnel before the game, he Was warmly welcomed by the fans present. Rivera Also chatting with David Tepper on the court, Panther Fired his boss in December 2019. The two embraced at the end of the conversation.

But on Sunday, Rivera It’s not the ex-black panther whose audience is irritated. Newton-The former MVP rejoined Carolina last week after leaving the team for more than a year and was a sensation when the player was introduced.

When the cheers are getting louder and louder Newton threw his First touchdown.The 32-year-old found DJ Moore’s 10-yard scoring-passing possible Newton Reinforce it in the pocket, pretending to scramble to pull out safety to let Moore open.

This is that type of game Newton Do it regularly during this process his First term Panther.

Burgundy and gold at first seemed to have had a long day.Antonio Gibson missed a second kick-off from within the 10-yard line-ruining a promising kick-off Washington. as a result, Rivera In the rest of the first half, Gibson has lost three turnovers this year.

but Washington Able to find the rhythm-partly because of strong defense and always synchronized offense.

WashingtonEspecially Terry McLaughlin’s performance on Sunday was very good-even better than usual. The NFL’s leader in controversial receiving, McLaughlin had 39 yards in the third and ninth quarters, which helped to Washington Enter the board of directors.

Heinicke and Cam Sims are connected on a 6-yard route WashingtonThe first touchdown tied the score to 7 points.

In general, Hynek was decisive and passed the ball around. Facing the second-ranked defense in football, Hynek and his company were able to switch on the third turnover. Due to the stable game and the accurate pitching of Hynek, the offense was placed under control.

At the end of halftime, the game was tied at 14 and Hynek completed 9 of the 12 passes with a passing distance of 133 yards. his When was the second touchdown he Hit McLaughlin for 12 yards.

Hynek’s heroism continued in the second half. Washington When Heinicke found wide receiver DeAndre Carter in the third quarter for a 4-yard touchdown, he led 21-14-this is the third consecutive week that the two have scored.

but Newton Make it interesting.Rear Rivera A controversial decision was made, giving up a 56-yard field goal, Newton with Panther 91 yards along the field-a 27-yard touchdown pitch for star running back Christian McCaffrey.

still, Washington Answer when needed. In addition to Sley’s 36 yards, the team added three more points after forcing a turnover.

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