When RaceFi was about to take off, the GameFi craze swept Solana

In recent weeks, GameFi, NFT and anything related to Metaverse have been in a state of absolute horror, as the narrative of making money has heated up, and users have begun to experience the true power of blockchain games.Most of the recent activities are Focus on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Because the Ethereum network fees have discouraged many of the world’s most loyal gaming communities in Southeast Asia.

In Vietnam, a company said race As the first AI/ML integrated racing game to land on Solana, it has attracted leading investors and partners. Similar to BSC, Solana provides fast transaction speed at a fraction of the cost of Ethereum. This means that new users can easily join the job, and compared to alternatives, in-game transactions can achieve a smoother user experience.

For RaceFi, Solana makes it possible to combine NFT, DeFi options and earning potential without any disadvantages. In the RaceFi ecosystem, players can control how they use and participate in their game assets, and use them to get rewards. RaceFi does this by combining artificial intelligence and machine learning with blockchain technology. Their PvP matches will run automatically based on the AI ​​algorithm developed in-house by experienced developers.

The game will provide two main competition modes: Pure Race and Battle Race. Pure Race (PvE mode) will allow players to drive and control their cars directly. When participating in a competition, players must agree to the competition conditions and use strategies to compete and win the game. In PvP mode, players will customize their strategic statistics and let the game’s AI technology analyze the winner.

For users who want to gain more competitive advantage, Battle Race will allow players to upgrade their cars with combat features such as guns and shields. There is no time limit or finish line in this mode, giving players the opportunity to continue racing and attack each other until only one racer is left. This is comparable to Battle Royale in other game settings.

At the core of this experience is the ability to continuously earn money while playing games. All possessable components of the game will be verifiable NFTs. Players can get rewards while playing multiple game modes and owning and developing in-game assets.

What’s next for RaceFi?

RaceFi will launch a series of IDOs in the next few weeks, including one to be released on Solrazr Open its whitelist November 23.Full details can be found here. The second IDO will be Engine starter, More details will be announced soon.

Before going online, RaceFi is holding a number of community-related competitions, allowing community members to own RaceFi tokens by adding value before going online. The company also announced the establishment of multiple strategic partnerships with leading investors and projects such as R-930 Capital, AvStar Capital, and idoresearch Ventures.

To keep up with the latest updates of RaceFi, please follow their official Twitter or telegraph.

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