When it comes to Ukraine, what should Biden tell Putin

Simi Valley, California-The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee said on Saturday that when U.S. President Joe Biden spoke with Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, Biden should emphasize sanctions rather than U.S. military power.

“You will not try to stop him by showing your muscles and persuading him that we will confront them militarily in Eastern Europe and defeat them,” Washington State Representative Adam Smith said in an interview. The annual Reagan National Defense Forum.

“You have to show your muscles [Putin] We have a strong group of allies, and they are ready to make them pay the economic and huge price,” Smith said.

Comment from Biden and Putin will have a video call, The Kremlin said. The tension between the two countries has escalated due to Russia’s build-up of troops on the Ukrainian border. The army is seen as a sign of potential invasion.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Saturday that Biden would express to the United States concerns about Russia’s military activities on the border and “reiterate U.S. support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”, which was confirmed after the first news from Moscow. Planned call.

Russia is more determined than ever, and the United States guarantees that Ukraine will not join the NATO military alliance. But NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said last week that Russia has no say in the expansion plans of other countries or alliances. Several former U.S. and NATO diplomats have stated that any such demands made by Russia on Biden will not work.

The Kremlin said on Friday that Putin will seek binding assurances during the call with Biden to prevent NATO from expanding into Ukraine. Biden tried to block the request in comments to reporters before heading to Camp David for the weekend.

“I don’t accept anyone’s red line,” Biden said.

At the same time, a Biden administration official who was not authorized to publicly discuss the findings of the investigation stated that US intelligence officials have determined that Russia has assembled approximately 70,000 soldiers near its border with Ukraine and has begun planning for the earliest The invasion may be launched early next year. And spoke on condition of anonymity.

The risk of Putin experiencing such an invasion will be huge.

US officials and former US diplomats stated that although the Russian president is clearly laying the groundwork for a possible invasion, the Ukrainian military is better equipped and prepared today than in the past, and Western threats of sanctions will cause serious damage to the Russian economy.

Smith believes that the threat of US military assistance and sanctions against Ukraine will prove to be an effective deterrent. But threats to take military action may irritate or create excuses for Putin, and Putin can decide to act before deploying Western troops.

In order to guide, Smith argued that the American people are unwilling to go to war with Russia: “Putin knows that not only I am unwilling, but the American people are also unwilling.”

Some Republicans expressed doubts about Biden’s response to the crisis.

Republican Representative Mike Rogers, a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, lashed out at Biden in two statements, one requesting Ukraine to obtain more U.S. weapons, and the other requesting Ukraine to obtain a long-delayed entry into NATO. path of.

“There is an old Leninist motto that Putin believes in. “Explore with a bayonet; if you encounter a paste, please continue; if you encounter steel, stop. A few weeks ago, speed up to Ukraine in the form of heavy weapons The time is ripe to transport steel,” Rogers said. “Your indecision every day will only invite further aggression. The whole world is watching, Mr. President.”

Republican Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa stated that she hoped that Biden would tell Putin that he would change his opposition to sanctions on the Russian gas pipeline Nordstream 2 to Europe, and declared that the United States ” Will protect the Ukrainian people”.

“We can do this or that. It doesn’t mean we have to make our men and women wear uniforms, but we will definitely provide support there,” she said.

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