WhatsApp web version allows you to create your own stickers

You don’t have to be satisfied with prefabrication WhatsApp stickers (Or use a third-party tool) if you are sitting in front of the computer. edge report WhatsApp launched a custom sticker creator for it Web client And, within a week, the desktop application. Select additional stickers, you can upload a custom image for editing. You can add emojis or text, crop pictures, cut backgrounds, and even paste existing WhatsApp stickers on them.

If you are mainly chatting on a mobile device, this tool will not help because there is already an app to make WhatsApp stickers. However, if you often send messages to people from your desk, this may be helpful, if you are a digital artist (and may have creative tools on your computer) or prefer to use a mouse instead of your fingers to edit images, it may It will be particularly useful.

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