What’s your favorite part of Star Wars Celebration?

A promotional image for Star Wars: The Bad Batch, featuring the titular character.

picture: Lucasfilm

One or two punches star wars celebrationand the premiere Obi-Wan Kenobi The first two episodes had a very fulfilling weekend.Even if you’re not watching the daily livestream of what’s happening in Anaheim, it can be a little hard to escape the track Disney and Lucasfilmmoon-sized IP.

Whether you’re a fan of the series’ ongoing TV output, their new push into great video games, or their literature, there’s a lot of fun to come.For many, the most exciting news happened when The Mandalorian: Its upcoming third season looks to have a bigger scope, in a way that eclipsed the first two seasons Din Djarin and Grogu. Perhaps this star wars’ New life, but from the sound of things, the wait for February 2023, and the driiiiiiiip feed of information that is sure to come, will be torture for many.

Speaking of 2023, we finally got a tough confirmation: star wars’ The most surprising thing over the years is the return.after blowing everyone away Jedi Fallen Order In 2019, Respawn Entertainment managed to take some time out of their massive schedule (which doesn’t seem to involve Titanfall 3) to develop a sequel, jedi survivor. Given how stellar Respawn’s track record is, and how its ending has afforded itself some relative narrative freedom in the time frame between the prequel and the original trilogy, there’s no question it won’t be a good game.

Until then, though, we’ll have to get through the rest of 2022, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.new Jedi legend The series sounds interesting, like Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor Get his own miniseries.Later this year, we will get more High Republic books, set in a new era that sounds more exciting than the last. And we could at least spend part of the summer with Ewan McGregor, and honestly, at this point, aren’t we all worth it?

Let us know what you like about Celebration and this Lots of A weekend full of lightsabers, in the comments below.

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