What to expect and how to watch

Microsoft Surface active rendering

Microsoft’s The Surface event will definitely showcase all the new hardware that comes with Windows 11.
picture: Microsoft

Windows 11 officially launched October 5, This means that it is also time for Microsoft to launch new Surface hardware.

Had A series of rumors Regarding what devices Microsoft is developing in recent weeks, it’s time to see what’s actually stored this fall.

How to watch

The show starts at 8 a.m. Pacific time / 11 a.m. Eastern time Wednesday, September 22. The event is completely virtual, You can live stream it Microsoft’s website Check the operation of all equipment.

This is everything we wish to announce.

Surface Duo 2

Photos of the first-generation Surface Duo

Will the second-generation Surface Duo 2 make up for the design flaws of the first-generation?
Photo: Sam Rutherford

Let’s start with the least Windows y product in the lineup: Microsoft’s attempt to make a foldable Android phone is expected to restart at the Surface event. Surface Duo 2 Give way In the summer, for the first time in YouTube, Then Windows Central verify What will happen.

The leaked photos of Surface Duo 2 show a dual-screen folding device with two 5.8-inch displays arranged side by side, separated by a hinge. We look forward to seeing improved cameras: the leak shows a bulky rear camera module with three lenses, a wide-angle lens, an ultra-wide-angle lens, and a telephoto lens. There is also a selfie camera inside, which is used for video calls, etc.

Surface Duo 2’s battery capacity is expected to increase to help adapt to the device’s so-called high refresh rate, but it has not been confirmed whether it is 90Hz or 120Hz. We also heard that Surface Duo 2 will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip, 5G connection, Bluetooth 5.1 and NFC, which should help make up for the lack of contactless payment in the previous generation of Duo.

Surface Book 4

The device most likely to be the focus is the Surface Book 4, which is Microsoft’s flagship laptop.according to patent And some very Creative rendering, It is expected that this will be a complete redesign of the portable two-in-one. Microsoft abandons the detachable display in favor of a more stable tethered display. The previous iteration of the Surface Book was top-heavy because all the components were placed inside the display. But this redesign will make the Surface Book 4 a true convertible, capable of drawing and reading from a laptop to a tablet. Possible specifications include a larger touchpad, 14-inch display, two USB-C ports, and NVIDIA RTX graphics card.

Center of window Please note that the name of this special convertible laptop has not yet been fully determined. Some possible names include “Book 4”, “Laptop Pro” and “Laptop Studio”.

Surface Pro 8

Photos from the last Surface device release

Microsoft has been working on its small Surface devices for a long time, and we are likely to see the next device bundled with Windows 11.
picture: Microsoft

Most like the first-generation device surface It is the rumored Surface Pro 8. This will help usher in Windows 11, just as it helped launch Windows 8 in 2012. time flies!

Surface Pro 8 is unlikely to be a drastic design change, because Microsoft has built a wide range of accessories and peripherals specifically for this device. However, edge According to reports, the design should include a larger display and smaller bezels, and at least one Surface Pro 8 variant will support Thunderbolt, which will be the first for Surface devices. It is also expected to be updated with Intel’s 11th-generation chips, which is the standard for courses released on most laptops this year.

Surface Pro X and Surface Go 3

Photo of Surface Pro X on wooden table

Microsoft can make a wifi-only version of Surface Pro X.
Photo: Sam Rutherford

ARM-based hardware may be improved Surface Pro X, Including chip refresh and higher refresh rate screens. But beyond that, there are almost no leaks and rumors about the Surface Pro X, except that Microsoft may eventually reduce the connections of its always-connected devices by creating a wifi-only version of the device.

Surface Go with a limited budget may also be re-launched in Surface Go 3. But in most cases, we only expect an increase in specifications. Geek station The results show that the low-end Surface Go 3 runs Intel Pentium Gold 6500Y, and the high-end version runs Intel Core i3-10100Y processor and LTE.

Don’t forget accessories

We look forward to some new talents for Surface devices. Surface Book 4 may launch a new Surface Pen, as well as tactile support adjusted for the specific features of the new pen in Windows 11. The signature keyboard cover that comes with Surface devices may also be updated. There is no news about whether Microsoft will update the Surface Headphones 2 or Surface Earbuds, because they are both a year and a half old at this time.

But we will find out in a few days that Microsoft has announced all new hardware in the fall. Then, we only need to wait a moment to officially make Windows 11 available to everyone on October 5. Please lock Gizmodo for all news-and share your Microsoft device wish list with us in the comments below!

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