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Thursday 23 June 19:30 GMT:
The vast majority of Gaza’s 800,000 children, who only know life under an Israeli-led blockade, are plunged into a spiritual crisis.

trapped“A recent report by Save the Children found that 80% of children and young people in the Gaza Strip suffer from depression, grief and fear. The NGO interviewed 488 children and 168 parents and carers in the Gaza Strip to follow up and a similar study they conducted in 2018. Since the last report, the number of children reporting emotional distress has now increased from 55% to 80%.

Children under 15 in Gaza have face The report called six life-threatening situations — four military escalations, Israel’s attempt to quell violence during the 2018 “March of Return”, and the COVID-19 pandemic.These are in addition to the illegal Israeli-led blockade and restrictions on movement trauma Gazans.

expert warn Mental health challenges are hindering children’s development, learning and social interaction, both in the near and long term. They urged the Israeli government to take immediate steps to lift the blockade of the Gaza Strip and end the occupation.

In this episode, we discuss the emotional, psychological and social well-being of children in Gaza and ask what it takes to nurture young minds and rebuild mental health services in the occupied territories.

In this episode of The Stream, we’ve added:
Dr. Yasser Abu Jamei
Psychiatrist, Director of the Gaza Community Mental Health Project

Jason Lee @JasonIanLee
Save the Children Country Director

Enas Faras Garnan, @GhannamEnas
Project managers, we are not numbers

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