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Moscow (Associated Press)-Ukrainian and Western officials worry about Russia’s military build-up nearby Ukraine The plan signal can be signaled in the following ways Moscow Invaded its former Soviet neighbours.

The Kremlin insisted that it had no such intentions and accused Ukraine And its Western supporters claim to cover up their so-called aggressive designs.

It is not clear whether the concentration of the Russian army heralds an impending attack.President of Russia Vladimir Putin Western guarantee exclusion has been promoted NATOThe expansion of Ukraine, And the accumulation may reflect attempts to back up messages.

The following are the current tensions:

What is the root of Russia-Ukraine Confrontation?

UkraineIt had been part of the Russian Empire for centuries before becoming a Soviet Republic, and gained independence following the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991. The country has begun to get rid of its Russian empire heritage and establish closer ties with the West.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who leans towards the Kremlin, decided to refuse to reach an alliance agreement with the European Union in order to support the establishment of closer ties with the European Union. Moscow It sparked large-scale protests that led to his stepping down in 2014. Russia Respond via attachment UkraineThe Crimean Peninsula and strongly support the outbreak in Ukraineat East

Ukraine And the West accuses Russia Send troops and weapons to support the rebels. Moscow Denying this, accusing the Russians of joining the separatists are volunteers.

More than 14,000 people were killed in the devastating battle UkraineThe eastern industrial center is called the Donbass.

The 2015 peace agreement facilitated by France and Germany helped to end the large-scale fighting, but efforts to reach a political solution failed, and sporadic small-scale conflicts continued on the tense lines of contact.

Earlier this year, violations of the ceasefire agreement surged in the east, and nearby Russian troops concentrated Ukraine Intensified the fear of war, but the tension is in Moscow Most of the troops were withdrawn after the exercise in April.

The latest Russian military construction

U.S. intelligence officials determined last week that Russia It is planned to deploy approximately 175,000 soldiers, of which nearly half are already stationed in various locations nearby UkraineIn preparation for an invasion that may begin as early as early 2022.

Ukraine Once complained Moscow After large-scale military exercises in the west, more than 90,000 soldiers have been kept not far from the border between the two countries Russia in autumn.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine stated that the troops of the Russian 41st Army remain in the vicinity of Yelnya, a small town about 260 kilometers (160 miles) north of the Ukrainian border.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksi Reznikov told lawmakers on Friday that the number of Russian troops is close to Ukraine In Crimea, annexed by Russia, an estimated 94,300 people, warned that a “mass escalation” could occur in January.

In addition, the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian armed forces said Russia Has approximately 2,100 military personnel UkraineIn the eastern region controlled by the rebels, Russian military officers hold all command positions in the separatist forces. Moscow Has repeatedly denied that its troops are in the east Ukraine.

Russia Did not provide any detailed information about the number and location of their troops, and stated that their deployment in their own territory should not be related to anyone.

What does Moscow want?

Kremlin accuses Ukraine Failed to comply with the 2015 peace agreement and criticized the West for failing to encourage Ukraine to comply.The agreement is a diplomatic coup Moscow, Require Ukraine Grant broad autonomy to the rebellious areas and amnesty for the rebels.

UkraineIn turn, he pointed out that Russia-backed separatists violated the ceasefire and insisted that despite the Kremlin’s denials, Russian troops continue to exist in the rebellious east.

In the accusation, Russia Rejected the four-party meeting Ukraine, France and Germany, said it was useless because UkraineRefusal to comply with the 2015 agreement.

Moscow Strongly criticize the United States and its NATO Allies provide Ukraine Armed with weapons and held joint exercises, saying that this encouraged Ukrainian hawks to try to regain rebel-controlled areas by force.

Earlier this year, Putin Ominously it was a military attempt Ukraine Recovering the east will “have serious consequences for the founding of Ukraine.”

The Russian President has repeatedly described the Russians and Ukrainians as “one person” and claimed Ukraine Unfairly acquired Russia’s historic land during the Soviet era.

Putin Already strongly emphasized UkraineWish to join NATO Represents a red line Moscow, And also expressed concern about some people’s plans NATO Members establish a military training center Ukraine. he Said that even if they didn’t, it would give them a military foothold Ukraine join in NATO.

last week, Putin emphasize Russia Will seek “reliable and long-term security assurances” from the United States and its allies, “this will rule out any further NATO Move eastward and deploy weapons systems that threaten us near Russian territory. “

he Allegations that “threats are increasing on our western border”, NATO Bring its military infrastructure close to Russia And proposed that the West hold substantive talks on this issue, and added that Moscow Not only verbal guarantees are needed, but also “legal guarantees.”

PutinForeign Affairs Adviser Yuri Ushakov said that Russian leaders will push for these guarantees in a video call with US President Joe Biden on Tuesday, but many former US and NATO The diplomat said that any such request by Russia on Biden would be unworkable. Biden himself stated on Friday that he “will not accept anyone’s red line.”

Is the threat of Russian invasion real?

Russia Refuse to refer to the invasion conspiracy as a Western smear campaign, and accuse these statements may cover up Ukraine’s intention to launch an attack in the east. Ukraine Deny such plans.

Some observers interpret the troop buildup as Putin That Russia Ready to raise the stakes to persuade NATO respect MoscowThe red line to stop sending troops and weapons Ukraine.

last month, Putin Noticed with satisfaction MoscowThe warnings finally gained some traction and caused “a certain amount of pressure” in the West. he Added: “It is necessary for them to maintain this state for as long as possible, so that they will not think of some conflicts that we don’t need on our western border.”

U.S. officials admit MoscowUnclear intention, but pointed out RussiaPast behavior is worrying.

Biden promised on Friday to make this “very very difficult” Putin To attack Ukraine, Said a series of new initiatives come from his The government aims to stop Russian aggression.


Dasha Litvinova Moscow Contributed to this report.

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