What is needed for promise and deception?

As you may already know, PureFi will perform IDO on both BSCPAD and the paid launchpad. IDO’s date is July 27, 2021.

Due to the lack of IDO experience, PureFi did not realize that it might attract so many potential scams in the early stages. Here are some examples of scams that threaten PureFi’s reputation:

One of these scams is clearly an outstanding “winner” in the development of false concepts and the magical things promised to users. This particular scam project promises to remove one’s crypto assets from dirty money at an estimated cost (crypto spring cleaning project?).

PureFi and disBalancer teamed up to shut down the scammer’s website.

We want to let our users know about scammers and:

  • Double check your domain(!)
  • No credible project publicly asks users for money
  • All services provided are related to KYC and AML

Maintain security, compliance and decentralization-this is our hope for all honest DeFi market participants.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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