What cryptocurrency can get from Twitter’s new CEO

In fact, as recently as November 2019, Agrawal was still proclaiming “Naive password“In a fireside conversation with cryptocurrency entrepreneur Joseph Lubin on the Twitter campus. More than a week later, Agrawal Travel to Nigeria with Dorsey, Where Agrawal met with the local Bitcoin community. Chris Maurice, CEO of YellowCard Exchange who attended the party, recalled that Agrawal was as “very curious” about this topic as Dorsey. “They liked listening and learning very much, rather than being the center of attention,” Morris recalled.

A few months later, Agrawal took the lead in launching bluesky, which is a project funded by Twitter aimed at developing a protocol——May be based on blockchain——Establish a decentralized social network to replace proprietary platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.The project initially ran out of private servers Matrix, a secure communication platformBefore going to the public Discord channel. Evan Henshaw-Plath is the former lead developer of Odeo. Odeo is the podcast publishing platform. Twitter was eventually spun off from it and it was also on the bluesky server. He said that Agrawal was not allowed to actively write on the server, but it was still there,” Lurking, observing more, listening more instead of strongly pushing his agenda.”

In Henshaw-Plath’s view, the choice of appointing Agrawal as CEO shows that Twitter will be serious about decentralization and encryption. “I doubt that Twitter will continue to experiment with various blockchain things, even if I don’t know what it will look like,” he said. He described Twitter’s internal politics as a constant duel between technologists such as Dorsey, who promoted a more open and decentralized structure, and merchants who focused on monetization. “Parag is definitely one of those people who think that Twitter is a basic infrastructure, and their motivation is to enable interesting technologies.”

But some people in the encryption field don’t think that Agrawal’s participation in bluesky is a feat. Carter said the project is known for its slow progress. “It’s a little stagnant,” he said. More generally, he doubts whether companies like Twitter—especially after Dorsey’s departure—can truly decentralize social networks. “I hope to see some kind of encryption-based social media platform developed at some point, but I think it will happen externally, not from a mature Silicon Valley company,” Carter said.

Mati Greenspan, the founder and CEO of Quantum Economics, a cryptocurrency investment consulting firm, also dismissed it. “We can assume that Bluesky is building its agreement very, very quietly, and that this is a huge project — or we can assume that it is somewhat of a secondary status rather than a priority,” he said.

Henshaw-Plath retorted that the creation of blockchain protocols needs to be slow, and this is for its own benefit. “This is a process; it involves a lot of people. Bluesky may be faster; you can do more with it. But it is also wrong to proceed too quickly,” he said. He believes that Agrawal’s own temperament (which he describes as a “thinking consensus builder”) means that he will be able to make Twitter a powerful force in the development of such technologies.

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