What are all the Dutch corners?

John Cho and Spike and Jet of Mustafa Shakir looked at things on Bebop.

Everything is in BoboThe world is a bit distorted, moral and… well, you know. Use that camera.
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There are many That feeling Leave About the live version denim, A show that dances to the rhythm Close but not quite, The smoothness shared by its groundbreaking animation inspiration. However, one of the weirdest moments of unfavourable pace may be the moment you may take a while to notice at first: what exactly is its obsession with the Dutch corner?

Like holland In the original Thor,accomplish BoboThe advantages of tilting the camera angle—sometimes subtle, sometimes harsh, but the feeling that exists in every other shot in the Netflix series—may burn slowly, but once you realize you’ve been watching John Zhao, Mustafa Shakir and Daniela Pineda The angle keeps increasing over a few hours, and every time it happens again, you can’t avoid noticing it.It happened again a lot of. Our lens enters the imagination of the series The classic animation of Shinichiro Watanabe It is often viewed from these oblique angles. The camera rotates between quiet moments, close-up shots and panning shots, action moments and establishment moments, always naming our perspective.

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This is not always bad thing. Used effectively, the Dutch perspective can evoke anxiety and discomfort, an unfamiliar surrealism that can evoke both the tension of abstract reality and the tension.but BoboThe obsession with technology means everything from threatening rants The Viciousness of Alex Hassel Simple shots such as shooting a jazz performance in the Ana bar are also handled in the same way. Ironically, the film photography of the performance is flattened so that one lively angle will be blurred to another angle.Rather than evoke a sense of cinematic energy (perhaps to make up for the lack of other places BoboThe monotonous atmosphere), the Dutch angles one after another, one after another, another angle becomes visually confusing at first, and it can be maddening after you can’t stop paying attention.

However, perhaps most importantly, BoboThe love for the Dutch perspective undermines the show’s own pursuit of meaning: it makes the series look cartoonish to some extent. Maybe this is the intention! Then, by putting this abstraction in our minds, on top of all other visual and thematic references to its source material, we may find ourselves blurring the line between the live version and the real version. Original anime, Created a highly realistic not very real, even though its world has flesh and blood people. Not only Netflix cowboy Bobo The failure in this regard is quite staggering-if you put aside the breathtaking camera angle, its soft color palette and lighting, and the relatively steady editing of its performance (except for Faye Valentine in Pineda, for every other Inject vivid, occasional and also The energetic flow of curses makes the show look like a pulse) quickly recovers its world from any “elevated” appearance. It also seeks to allow itself to both like its source and stay away from it in order to have its own visual identity, completely unable to obtain the reasons for the cinematography and visual language of animation in the first place.

Picture of the article titled Cowboy Bebop's Hunt for a Visual Style Is a Pain in the Neck

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The original is not only aesthetically denim Its science fiction, near-future world is a mixture of analog and digital. If anything, this anime is the opposite of Netflix’s rivals in its photography methods. If Netflix BoboThe Dutch perspective a-go-go aims to evoke the kind of surreal animation, animation, especially its film continuation Knock on heaven’s door, Use a large technical length to compose the picture, just like a reality show. Its camera is rooted in its world and moves in its world like a living, breathing 3D space, creating incredible animation effects and flowing shots, just like a real camera moving on a car Same. denimNot only does the future exist through the layers of aesthetic dirt, but also because its animators and artists treat our shots as the real world, just like in our own world.And through the Spartan that attracted much attention to these efforts, it made those moments Bobo Allow yourself to be exaggerated-whether in moments of suspense or comedy-to stand out more vividly and effectively, rather than being submerged in playing the same tricks over and over again.

Netflix denim Trying to strike a real balance between what you want to be yourself and the entertainment of one of the most popular anime series of all time, but in its Dutch perspective trying to twist itself and turn itself into a primitive style appearance, what it does It just makes us feel uneasy.

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