West Side Story Review: Steven Spielberg reimagined the source in a vibrant star display

The film adapted by the playwright Tony Kushner-described as a “reimagining” of the original-has the advantage of being more resilient, combining the gentrification of the New York slums in the 1950s with the two gangs. The contention on the shrinking territory is directly connected, as if their lives depend on it. Compared with the period when non-Latino actors played key roles, the cast and subtle touches, such as the lack of subtitles for Spanish dialogue, also have more cultural authenticity.

As an added bonus, filmmakers not only include Rita Moreno -Oscar winner of the 1961 film-as the owner of a drugstore, but subtly extended the role in a way of showing her. If the purpose is to remind people, the 89-year-old Moreno is the winner of all imaginable awards, he is a national treasure, and the task has been completed.

In addition, the skeleton of the “West Side Story” inspired by Romeo and Juliet is still intact, mixing cheerful tunes with the gorgeous romance provided by Sondheim and composer Leonard Bernstein (Leonard Bernstein) The ballad, at first is the sight of a tragic story about love.

Ansel Elgert and newcomer Rachel Ziegler play the star-studded Tony and Maria, who instantly fell in love with them during the racial conflict between the two gangs: by her brother Bernardo (big The Sharks led by David Alvarez and Reeve (Mike Fest), a long-time Jets friend run by Tony, are puzzled by Tony’s desire to get rid of that cruel life.

Although the dance part is a muscular choreography, Spielberg has suppressed some of the magic associated with director Robert Wise’s version, which was a decision when Tony and Maria met at the prom for the first time It’s obvious. At that time, the world was still around them; here, they retreated cautiously to a quiet place behind the gym stands.

Male actors say that women are better than them, which is not small. Zegler (he will take on another iconic role after his debut snow White) As Maria’s dazzling brilliance, and Ariana DeBose (Ariana DeBose) cleverly played the role of Moreno, as Anita, she is about pursuing Bernardo and his rivals have given up hope to achieve The American dream is full of confidence.

Of course, “West Side Story” has hardly been dormant in the decades during this period, the stage has been revived, and there have been more high school works than anyone else. However, Spielberg and Kushner followed a subtle route in making a film that is both faithful to the original and modified in a way that invites comparison with variants—something completely logical. Some are more arbitrary.

This film marks Spielberg’s first handling of a musical in his legendary and eclectic career, which makes this endeavor an opportunity of that level.He did this for several other people during the year, including “On the Heights” with “Tick, tick… bang!” Reflects how the cycle changes and the demand for content grows.

In the end, “West Side Story” passed the “why” test, which is likely to cause fans to argue about which version they prefer. Even those who think that there is no need to redo-reimagine or otherwise-should come to this conclusion.

“West Side Story” premiered in American theaters on December 10. It is rated PG-13.

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