Wesley Snipes feels cold with Mahershala Ali’s new blade

Wesley Snipes plays the Vampire Hunter Blade.

picture: New Line Cinema/Marvel

It will happen sooner or later, So it may happen now.When the new actor takes the torch of the superhero Already played For other actors, it is obviously law that senior actors must express opinions on this matter.Mahsala Ali will be Play blade In a few years, this means that Wesley Snipes must give us some verbal blessings for all of us to see, lest Ali reject the role shame.

Recently, Snipes was asked about his views on recasting. He expressed his support for recasting quite frankly, and nothing more. “The question he was chosen was not between us,” Snipes said. “I won’t walk around as a blade, so I won’t rely on this character like that.” Taking it a step further, he added no There will be no “emotional loss” when playing Daywalker again. The only suggestion is that Ali should avoid injury and “enjoy its duration”. (There is no saying “looks cool” because Ali always looks cool.)

Snipes is the only actor who played the blade in the movie, although in a brief period Blade In the SpikeTV series, he is played by Kirk “Sticky” Jones. Since he has not restarted endlessly like Spider-Man or Fantastic Four, and has not really appeared in the form of a feature-length film narrative like most Avengers, no one really knows this new version except that he will kill. What will happen to vampires. That, I finally met someone who counts as an avenger these days.

Whenever new Blade Get released, It will play more freely A bit loose canon This character has been appearing in comics for decades. Maybe some of them will involve cameos by Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, and others who are willing to show up…and maybe Ryan Reynolds.

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