Wells Fargo, TD Bank and Capital One are hit by customer service disruption

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Failure of the telephone system prevented countless customers from calling their banks and other companies.

On Wednesday night, the customer (including me) Started to contact the company, complained that the customer service phone number listed on their website could not be reached, and returned the message “Your phone could not be dialed to complete” or just a busy tone.According to reports social media And Google Search activity, The power outage appears to have affected Capital One, TD Bank, Wells Fargo, JetBlue Airways and countless other companies.

Gizmodo tried to dial the customer service numbers of these companies, but was unable to connect. However, it is unclear what exactly prevented the passage of customer service calls. In the Twitter DM with Capital One’s customer service department, a representative stated that the company encountered “technical problems with our call center” and suggested to try again “within 2-4 hours”.

In an email, a TD Bank spokesperson confirmed the interruption and stated that it was related to the “toll free number issue.”

The spokesperson said: “The telephone service of our US customer contact center is temporarily affected by the supplier’s toll-free number issue.” “We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.”

We have contacted other companies for comments and more information, and will update when we receive a response.

At the same time, users Report Verizon’s extensive outages may or may not be related to customer service interruptions affecting banks and other companies. We have contacted Verizon regarding any possible contact with other companies experiencing outages.

According to the user’s report to DownDetector, the problem appears to have started around 7:30 PM EST on Wednesday night. For customers who urgently need to contact the bank to report fraud or other emergencies, the impact is incredible.

If nothing else, this week is a lesson in the fragility of our system. on Monday, Facebook’s entire network is paralyzed, Use Instagram and WhatsApp at the same time. It finally returned after about six hours, which annoyed the Internet very much.

Now, your best bet is to sit down and hope that all this will be resolved sooner than the Facebook outage — and pray that anyone who tries to mess up your bank account will give up.

Additional reporting by Lucas Ropek

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