“We must prepare for the worst-case scenario”

Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) on Sunday called on President Biden to take a tougher stance against Russia because Russia has increased its military presence on the Ukrainian border, raising concerns about an impending invasion.

“It is difficult to know what Vladimir Putin is thinking and what his true intentions are, but we do see him taking very aggressive actions to build up troops on the Ukrainian border. So we must prepare for the worst. , I don’t know what these intentions are,” Ernst told “Fox Sunday News” host Chris Wallace.

Ernst added: “I do think that President Biden needs a very clear and very powerful message to Vladimir Putin.” She believes that President Biden should tell Putin that he will not allow the completion of the Beixi 2 pipeline.

Earlier this year, Biden stated that he would not call for a blockade of the pipeline, saying it would damage relations with major European allies.

According to Ernst, many US senators are prepared to oppose this pipeline.

“Of course I cannot speak on behalf of the House of Representatives, Chris, but I do believe that there is a coalition around these types of actions in the U.S. Senate. Democrats worry, Republicans worry, what we don’t want to do is allow President Putin to continue this pipeline, especially in When he was about to invade Ukraine,” Ernst said.

She added: “So we really have to oppose this. I think there is a large group of U.S. senators who will oppose Vladimir Putin.”

U.S. Democratic Senator Chris Murphy (Connecticut) appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” program and appeared to respond to some of Ernst’s views, although he expressed the hope that a meeting between Biden and Putin will be held soon. The virtual meeting will be “fruitful.”

“It’s up to us to make it clear in Congress that we will become Ukraine’s diplomatic, political and military partners. We will provide them with more military systems so that they can defend themselves. I hope we will take steps to make this clear in Congress next week. ,” Murphy said.

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