“We are making new rules for the crypto market”-Anti Danilevski, CEO and Founder of Kick Ecosystem

This KickEX According to data from CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency exchange celebrating its first anniversary has been ranked 60th to 70th among the most popular trading platforms. During this period, the platform has grown from a simple start-up company to an effective ecosystem, bringing together more than a dozen products and continuously expanding.We talked with the CEO and founder of Kick Ecosystem Anti-Danilevsky Learn more about the company’s success and future plans, and discuss the current state of the cryptocurrency market.

ask: Anti, your exchange is a newbie in the market, but it has entered the top 100. Not every cryptocurrency exchange can make such a leap. What’s your secret? Tell us your strategy.

A: What we do is make quality products. Unlike most other “exchanges”, KickEX started its development two years before its launch. The latter was carried out on the spot, without any specific plans, and without understanding how the market works and what traders need. Therefore, we have a strong foundation to build easily and methodically after launch, and this is exactly what we are trying to do. Our architecture is built on microservices, which allows you to develop products in any direction and provides you with opportunities that other exchanges do not have. Almost all other exchanges operate with an overall structure, and any changes in it require weeks, even months, or even years of development. For example, we only need a few hours to add new tokens, and for many of our competitors, it takes months, considering that they can’t even support tokens with any special economics fundamental. That was the original plan, to invest more time, money and resources in the development phase so that we can grow rapidly after the release. This is what is happening now.

ask: The exchange of tokens has made a real leap this year. Some values ​​have increased by more than 10 times. I know that your platform also has its own token. Tell us more about it.

A: Exchange tokens are particularly popular among holders for obvious reasons: behind each token is an exchange, a real product with real value. The exchange of tokens has practical uses, which is very important to the value of the tokens. Of the thousands of tokens that can be traded, only one is really used for something other than speculative trading. The actual use of the token ensures its demand, so as the user base grows, so does the number of people who want to buy it, and the price will soon follow. When KickEX was released in beta, KICK tokens were increased by 82 times, and the price in January 2021 is now revised to x30. This happened because the exchange’s user base grew significantly this spring. If we are talking about exchanging tokens, this does not mean that tokens must remain in this state forever. I’m always looking for ways to crack the current system so that what we create can work effectively and have a cumulative effect. This is why, recently, we swapped the tokens and replaced the old smart contract with a new smart contract. This allows our token to launch a hyper-deflationary model and run new features that our users were unable to use before. For example, bets. KICK token holders automatically obtain the percentage of each KICK token transaction conducted on the blockchain based on their token ownership share. In other words, the more KICK tokens a user has, the higher the percentage of distributed tokens they receive every time someone transfers or trades their KICK tokens on a decentralized exchange. For the tokens held by users on the KickEX exchange, staking and distribution will be initiated within one month. Anyone holding KICK tokens on KickEX will receive the so-called “tokens” at all times that they have not received in the past. Currency redistribution”.

The automatic destruction function is also added to the new KICK token contract. Therefore, every KICK token transaction consumes 5% of the transfer amount. This mechanism not only further increases the ownership of KICK tokens among its holders by reducing the total amount of coins in circulation, but also makes KICK tokens hyper-deflationary.

More importantly, since the beginning of July, more than 3 million tokens have been burned. This means that the number of tokens in circulation gradually decreases, which leads to an increase in the token ownership rate of holders. Therefore, there are fewer tokens every day, and their value in the eyes of users is increasing. This combination of exchange economics, token collateral and automatic destruction is a new beginning for exchange tokens. All current KICK holders or those who are still in the early stages of joining us will soon be congratulated.

ask: Do you plan to start margin trading? This is currently very popular and very popular in the market.

A: KickEX is currently a spot market, but margin trading has begun to develop. It is still in the research and design stage, because we want to make it better than anywhere else and safer for traders. Currently, other cryptocurrency exchanges are just gambling-in fact, it is not margin trading, but in fact, it is mainly a primitive binary option. This is not a real margin transaction. Our goal is to do it the way it is implemented in the adult economic world, not to do it in other places. The goal is to bankrupt traders and take their money on a regular basis. We plan to launch a beta version of margin trading at the end of this year.

ask: Tell us about the new products that will be launched before the end of the year.

A: The most important development is the mobile apps for iOS and Android, which are very important because 80% of our traffic comes from mobile devices. Currently, due to the limitations of the TestFlight testing service, the iOS version is being tested privately by a team of 150 users. I personally think that we have a real masterpiece on hand, and the feedback from users who were lucky enough to join the group are all positive and confirm that we have made a great app! Over time, these versions will be much larger than your typical trading app, and they will become super apps for the best mobile trends in China and Asia. The goal is to meet all the possible needs of digital asset users so that they don’t need anything other than Kick Mobile Superapp. This includes news, chats, gadgets, hot and cold wallets, portfolios, alerts and notifications, mortgages, token sales, etc.

ask: Tell us the overall plan of the company. What will you pay attention to in the next 3-5 years?

A: As far as cryptocurrency is concerned, this is a long time. Things are changing rapidly, and there are many directions in which the industry can develop further. I have mainly seen the development of cryptocurrency regulation, government cryptocurrency, and the digitization of enterprises and their assets, which is particularly relevant to Russia. We are looking in this direction. Of course, we are looking for stocks and securities trading with the necessary permits. We plan to make our own blockchain, which will be suitable for business, not just miners and speculation. I don’t know of any such blockchains. So far, no such blockchains exist, which is not good enough for us. We are considering financing rounds and plan to make our company enter IPO status.

ask: Now let’s talk about the entire market. I want to ask a question that absolutely everyone is eager to ask, “When can we expect growth?”

A: The price of any token depends on the display of the product or the millions of dollars invested in advertising and hype. KICK is the first case, and it has always been. When marketing investment ceases, all tokens or coins invested in advertising but no product will shrink, and this will happen sooner or later. In our case, we are taking the development route, not just creating hype and MLM. This is why it should grow with the development of our business, because KICK is an exchange token. If there are 1 million active users on the exchange using KICK, the moon landing will not end. In any case, this will happen because our audience keeps growing every day. Time is in our favor, especially when combined with the deflationary token model. But like everything else, only patients and people who understand how the token economy works, who believe in us and support us, will pick their supercars. Speculators who buy KICK and wait for the claim the next day are unlikely to be happy from this. This usually applies to cryptocurrency transactions, not just our tokens. Unfortunately, these are the majority so far; the entire industry has not yet matured and has not yet learned how to invest in the long term.

ask: Do you believe in experts who predict that Bitcoin will reach $250,000 in the next two years, or do you expect too much?

A: I can accept this, but we are currently in a period when a tweet by Elon Musk or another statement by the Chinese authorities may make everything fall apart again. Until the market matures and learns to respond soberly to such tweets or statements by the authorities, current levels of volatility will continue to be unpredictable and dangerous. If you have your own money and are not afraid to invest in something within a few years, and you fully understand that things may not go as you wish, I believe Bitcoin should meet the requirements.

ask: What should a market novice do: sell coins, buy coins, wait?

A: The first time investors speculate, that is, during the peak period, and then when there is a pullback, they usually panic and sell, losing money. I suggest that beginners don’t panic, research the project before buying their coins or tokens, look for those cheap ones, and never make big purchases. If there is hype in the market and everyone is buying an asset, then you have a 90% chance of entering the market too late, and the rocket is about to land.You should look for real products and tokens or coin This has a real purpose. This is why exchange tokens are so promising: traders buy them to pay transaction commissions and reduce their own commissions, and after paying transaction fees, these tokens are usually destroyed. This leads to the depletion and scarcity of exchange tokens, which in turn positively and permanently increases their value. Although exchange tokens are not securities or investment tools, many people buy them for resale. In our case, KICK has the same purpose, and it is also a deflationary token, which is currently at a disadvantage. I think the choice is obvious, but again, this is not investment advice.

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