Watch NASA’s asteroid dart launch at 1:20 AM on Wednesday

In just a few hours, NASA will try to launch one of its most interesting missions in recent memory. At approximately 1:21 a.m. EST, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket Plan to lift off from the Vandenberg Space Force base in California, carrying Double asteroid redirection test (DART) Process. About a year later, NASA will try to deliberately impact DART on an upcoming asteroid to see if it can change its course.

This test will mark the first human attempt to change the path of an asteroid. As part of the test, the binary system NASA will target will not pose a threat to the Earth, but what the agency learned from the mission may be crucial in the future.NASA has This may collide with the earth in the next 100 years. Formulating a feasible defense strategy is the key to protecting mankind from such threats.

You can watch the expansion of the entire release The live report will begin at 12:30 AM Eastern Time on November 24th.

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