Washington’s David Taylor Haynick knocked down another Goliath

if Taylor Haynick Not the future quarterback of the Washington football team, you might have to fight Ron Rivera.

Washington football coach was asked about Hynek Rebound after being intercepted in Sunday’s 17-15 victory over the Las Vegas Raiders- WashingtonThe fourth consecutive victory allowed them to enter the Dallas Week against the Cowboys with a 6-6 record.

“The biggest thing is he that’s it he …Want a chance to redeem yourself, nothing more he need. he Have a chance, you can see his When are the eyes he Come to the sidelines he knowledge he Made a mistake and he knowledge he I just need a chance to redeem myself,” Rivera Said. “We are fortunate to be able to do this.”

heLooked into Hynek’s eyes.

How much does the coach love this long-range quarterback who resurrected a team that gave up a month ago? So, how about turning to the Book of Samuel of the Bible?

After the victory over Tampa Bay last week, Rivera Say: “I think the thing we all have to focus on is David and Goliath, it’s a little bit broader than that. When I first introduced it, one thing we talked about. Honestly, I’ve been following Save it the next time I face Tampa. I know it will be because almost no one gives us a chance. So I think this is the perfect opportunity to show it.

“The players bought it. They saw it, they recognized it. One thing I told them. If you remember anything here, basically every question has an answer. For every question, There is a solution. Every Goliath has a David. Every giant has a stone. We always insist on this. It’s a bit like a mantra, but it’s okay. As long as they get it and understand it, it’s for us It’s a very feasible thing and the players handled it very well. It’s kind of cool because the hype video we show them every week is connected to it. Then the post-match celebrations are a bit like that. This is what we must I will continue to use the things that I continue to cultivate, because I think these things resonate very well with these people.”

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Hynek It’s David, let’s face it. Every team and quarterback that this 28-year-old skilled worker faces every week is Goliath.

On Sunday, Goliath was Derek Carr, the $125 million quarterback of the Las Vegas Raiders, who led the NFL pass before losing to the Washington football team 17-15. Hynek Threw a stone on the head of the raider, leading his The team scored Brian Johnson’s 48-yard winning goal in the last minute of the game.

Rivera clearly states his The team has accepted David and Goliath’s narrative-“This is something that these people resonate very much”-defensive tackle and team leader Jonathan Allen made it clear they saw Hynek As their David.

“You, everyone who doubts us and who doesn’t believe us-this is a matter of course,” Allen said after the victory over the Raiders. “We are not a star-studded roster. We don’t have those big stars. We are not Los Angeles or anyway. We just don’t care what others say, we believe in ourselves… Every NFL team is full of stars, and we go there to do this The thing is huge.

“You know, it’s not perfect,” Allen said. “We have a lot of mistakes to clean up, but damn it, when you do something like this, it’s very special. I mean, (Taylor) Hynek, What can you say he. he Just continue to explain why he Need to be our quarterback. “
Not “should” be our quarterback, but “need to be our quarterback.”

if Washington Has adopted the team identity of loser, disrespect, and dismissed, there is no better symbol than this Hynek, His story is about jumping from one team to another and ending his My sister’s sofa more than a year ago is now well documented.

Speaking of well-documented, Christmas will be the premiere of the movie “The Underdog in America,” which tells the true story of an unknown former grocery store clerk who became a Super Bowl champion quarterback.

I’m not saying Hynek Still Kurt Warner. But he should at least get an invitation to the premiere.

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